Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Prepping the trailer...

We got our new kayaks home yesterday, but still have not allowed all that plastic in them to touch water yet, other than some rain drop!

I showed in a previous blog how we are going to transport the kayaks on the top of our Jeep, which will get us from A to B. This will not be the long term solution for transporting the kayaks. When we go to Florida this fall for example... we will be loading them into our motorcycle trailer. No, we are not leaving the motorcyces behind, we will want to bring it all!

Here is how the plan works...

I installed an existing steel bar in the trailer lower, to allow the bow of the kayak to come over top of it. I plan on using straps to hold the back of the kayaks up close to the roof. (Yup, that is my Toronto Maple Leaf Flag flying proud inside my trailer...)

The picture above shows you that we do have room for the two kayaks to be strapped in above the motorcycles. This trailer is 6 foot wide, and 12 feet long. The kayaks are 10 feet long, and about 34 inches wide.

Here are both kayaks tied up against the ceiling of the trailer, ready to go! It is not recommended to leave your kayak outside, as UV Rays from the sun will fade the plastic, just like it does to your car. We will store the kayaks inside the trailer all the time, until it is time for fun.

This installation also allows us to load and off load, our motorcycles without having to touch the kayaks. Just have to remember to duck my head a bit when riding the bikes into the back of the trailer!

Our Friends, Tom and Cheryl, also bought 2 identical kayaks, right down to the same colour. Now for me this is a problem! I want to make sure no one gets messing around with "my" kayak!!!! Solved that problem today. I have blogged in the past about a couple "nick names" that Judy and I have... she is the "Eagle" and I am "Maverick". I had these nick names installed on the cab of our Gulf Stream. Today I remembered the Graphic Shop that did the work in Bracebridge, gave me extra Graphics! What a great spot to use them!


There we go! No one will dare mess around with my Kayak now, that is for sure!

So, all this rigging and messing around took most of my day up. It was also very hot here, hitting over 83 degrees F. today. Even going to be warmer this coming weekend!

Wow... did you see the flash flooding in Toronto from yesterday! Yikes. They set a record for rainfall in a set period of time.

This street above is Lakeshore Blvd., where I have driven many many times... it never looked like this. I guess this big rain storm came in and stopped over Toronto and just dropped all of it's water! No fatalities from what I have heard and read, but a lot of property damage.... will keep the adjusters going for a while.

Till tomorrow...


  1. Hi! Stumbled upon your site and wanted to drop you a line. Loved this post in particular. You're an awesome writer. I'm working on my own music festival blog that centers around travel and thought your blog would be great to reference for future posts.

    Should also mention I started following you, drop me a link and follow back if you can! Cheers :)

  2. Looks like you are taking it all with you, wow!
    No rain here in Buckhorn just warm sunny and about 78f, loving it.
    Should be here lotsa small lakes and rivers to explore in your kayaks.
    Enjoy them wherever you are.

  3. Well thought out spot to load and store the new kayaks. It all works!

    I love the Maple Leafs flag on the inside front. Helps you remember your team, eh?

  4. With all the stuff you're collecting, Maverick, you may soon have to buy a bigger trailer.

  5. What a great way to carry your kayaks and I love the idea of putting your nicknames on them. Ours are in the sun on top of our Jeep basking in the sun. Probably need to look into getting a UV resistant cover for them. We sure do enjoy having them and I am guessing you will too.