Monday, July 29, 2013

"Back in the Saddle Again..."

Don't you just hate problems with computers and the internet!


Sometimes, the computers just drive me nuts when they don't work the way I want them to... and that has certainly been the case for the past few days as I struggled trying to post my blog.

First problem I had was that the photo sharing program that I use with my Smart Phone, Flikr has crashed and I was unable to upload pics to this site, and then share them with Blogsy, the App on which I do my Blog. It is still messed up and not working properly in certain areas across the Country.

The second problem I had was that I was unable to upload my pictures to Google+ Photos, (aka Picasa...). At this point with both these programs not working, I am unable to post pictures any longer.

This morning I was able to get the Blog posted finally, after I was able to sign on to Judy's Google+ Profile through Blogsy, hence the world can spin again! Maybe I should just follow the advice above.

That is not the end though, as Rick, (aka Blog World Computer Guru...) sent me an email explaining what my problem with Google+Pictures actually was! Seems that I had loaded 1,000 pictures over the past while in the "Blogsy Pics" folder in Blogsy, and Google+ Pictures simply did not open another folder for the pictures to be stored in. This appears to be a Blogsy Problem, so watch your photo count if you are using Blogsy. Seems there is always something with computers! Thanks a million Rick! Your help again was appreciated!

Today I downloaded an app onto my Smart Phone called "Photocasa", which allows me to view Picasa accounts on the phone, as well as upload pictures from my phone direct to our Google+ Pictures account. Could not do this before, therefore, that is why I was using FlickR. This app cost $1. 49 cents and works well.

Some random pictures and thoughts about our past weekend up in Orillia...


Yamaha held it's National Motorcycle Convention at the Orillia Highway Man Inn while we were there, and we had a blast watching all the motorcycles come and go, along with their games.

These are His and Her's bikes above... they were very well done with matching paint jobs...

Judy and I walked around the grounds and checked out all the Vendors...


You have to check out this Mustang Motorcycle Trailer... what a machine... very well done!

You might wonder what the lady is doing above in the picture. This is a game. They hang a hot dog on a string at the same height as the rear passenger on the bike, and then they have to drive under it, with the passenger taking a bite out of the hot dog as they pass by. Just before they drive by though, the organizer dips the hotdog in mustard! It was hard to do, with a lot of passengers walking around with mustard on their face.

The Highway Man Inn also has a real nice indoor swimming pool and hot tub which our family enjoyed... here Shawn, Jenn, and the kids are having an early morning swim on Sunday with Judy...

Before the big party, Paige and Emmie got to play for quite a while with Gwenny... don't ask me why they are all sitting on the pavement out in the parking lot!

Garry and Shelly, (Judy's Brother up in Orillia...) gave Gwenny a whole bunch of toys and bikes from when Laura was a kid, who has now outgrown them. Check out Gwenny in her new "Lambo"! Only took a minute for her to find the cell phone down on the dash! We could not get her out of the drivers seat yesterday! What a blast.

Sure was a fantastic weekend, and great to see all of our Family. It is hard to do these days with everyone living so far apart! That seems to be the trend these days.



  1. Sure is nice to be back on line again and to have Rick there to help you out.

    He is a great guy to know!

  2. Happy to read about having solved or problems with Rick - the Blog Computer Guru - providing some assistance and advice.

    I really like that Lamborghini and I can understand why Gwenny was not keen on leaving it. Good fun!

    To get all the family together is, as you state, difficult with everyone's busy lives. To accomplish that is wonderful!

  3. Computer problems can be a real time and energy sapper! Glad you got yours all sorted out finally.

  4. Glad to see you got Blogsy back online, John.

    It was well worth it just to see that photo of your beautiful granddaughters sitting on the pavement awaiting the festivities!!

  5. Those three girls are absolutely daring. They all look like they wouldn't cause anyone a day of Little Angels!?!

    Glad your computer problems are finally behind you. The computer is great when everything works in harmony.

  6. Ah, blog problems galore!

    I love the Mustang motorcycle!