Sunday, July 28, 2013

Blog Problems persist...

Sorry folks, but I am having more problems posting my Blog. It is not a problem of posting the Blog actually, I just cannot post any pictures lately.

I have been using the iPad for the blog through Blogsy, and it will not post my pictures through Picasa, or through Flickr for the past few days... don't know what the problem is.

Will work away, and see if I can get it fixed.

For now, we are back in Woodstock tonight after celebrating Mom's 90th Birthday in Orillia. Great time was had by all! I have a ton of pictures... but...

Anyways, Happy Birthday Mom!



  1. Happy birthday mom. I am imagining her smiling face on your blog.

  2. Nice that you could enjoy a nice celebration with your mom.
    Good luck with your programs.
    I just post my blog directly from Blogger,no problems, blogsy or live writer is not and option with a Mac Book.