Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Red Dip Dip...

So I never did get to blog last night as we were just having too much fun! Seems to be a trend this summer for some reason... don't think I have ever missed this many nights on the blog. Anyways, the blog name tonight of "Red Dip Dip" just reflects the thoughts of my Granddaughter Gwenny. Her favourite phrase is "red dip dip please", or ketchup please! So, as you have now figured out, this is a ketchup blog.

All the trouble started when Deb and Gerard showed up in their Windjammer 2809 W by Forest River yesterday... Check out the kayaks on the top of the Tundra! Good to see them! They flew in from Waterloo for a couple days.

However, Tom and Cheryl ended up having to leave today... so it goes full circle...


So, we had to make the most of last night, with all of us here... so what is better than a great game of Corn Hole... Guys against Girls, and yes, the guys won!


After the big game we did enjoy a great dinner... it was a beautiful night...

In fact, it was so nice, we enjoyed fire outside... John and Sheila joined us, so we were 8, and there might have been the odd long, story told around the fire last night...hard to believe, I know!

This morning Tom and Cheryl had to leave, so we ended up loading the kayaks into the 5th wheel. It worked out well, and they were soon off. It was great having them here for week and look forward to more travels with them soon... stay tuned!


After Tom and Cheryl left, Gerard and Deb wanted to use the kayaks, so we headed back up to St. Mary's to do the Upper Thames River. We scouted this location out before hand. There goes Gerard....

Check out Deb above in her Pelican Kayak... looking pretty cool...

Not to be outdone was Judy, just a flying in her Pelican...

By far, my favourite pic of the day is this pic above of Deb and Judy flying up the crystal clear Thames River... check out the bottom... love it!

That is Judy and Deb going under this big bridge. It is the old railway bridge, which has now been converted to hiking bridge, that I blogged about last year... been there, done that.

Here is the price you pay for kayaking all day... you have to load them back up on that Tundra! Need a ladder for this one!

Over all, just another great day, with a group of best friends you could ever imagine!

Till tomorrow...



  1. That is just too much fun....but, more power to all of you for doing it....and doing it with gusto!

  2. Kayaking looks like a lot of fun and your kayaks seem just about perfect for doing what you want to do.

    Might be worth looking at for us in the future, I think!

  3. Always nice to get out with friends and have too much fun together.

  4. Great to see you are having a good time.....I am up on Manitoulin....up for last week ends bike rally and got invited to join Vicky Grey publisher of the women's bike magazine....MOTORESS....check her out at Google.....was I intimated by these bet....enjoy the summer


  5. I'd love to kayak some time! I worry I'll feel claustrophobic in one but I still think it looks like an awesome adventure!