Friday, July 26, 2013

Woodstock Fire Dept.

Technical problems appear to be resolved. It seems yesterday, Flikr crashed so I could not upload pics I had.

Judy and I are in Orillia tonight for my Mom's big 90th Birthday Party tomorrow. Not much to blog about today except a bunch of weekend traffic on the 401 and 400!

Below is the blog I was going to post last night!


Deb and Gerard were on the road by 10:30 this morning, back up to Waterloo. We had a great visit, good to see them, and will run into them soon at the cottage!

Not much happened on this front today... Judy and I did some shopping, and house cleaning duties, and Jeep cleaning duties...but did fit in a visit with the kids this morning...

Early in the morning, Kristina took the kids over on a tots tour of the Firehall here in Woodstock.

So, she is my guest photographer and eyes today.


This is how big the trucks look to the little ones...

They had a great day of sunshine to make the visit, and Kristina said about 30 little ones showed up!

The Firemen put on a presentation for the crowd...

One of the men put on all the fire fighting gear... it took a while!

Gwenny got to play with the real fire hose no less... got the grass watered!

Right at the end of the presentation the fire alarm went off... the truck had to leave fast with the Fireman waving out the window... end of presentation...


This afternoon, Judy helped Gwenny a wee bit, and she did this 24 piece puzzle on her own! Smart girl!

Till tomorrow...



  1. A very happy birthday to mom! I bet she can tell a few stories about way back when

  2. Have a great time in Orillia and wish your Mom a Happy Birthday from Angela and I :) CHEERS

  3. Happy Birthday Mom, travel safe in that weekend traffic.

  4. Happy 90th Birthday to your Mom - hope you all have a great party!

    I'd say Kristina has a great future as a blog photographer!

  5. A blogging photographer on your staff is a great help. I should consider this!

    Kids and fire halls are always an attention getter. Good fun!

    Happy birthday to your mom. 90 years is worthy of a major celebration.