Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Holy heatwave Batman!

Wow... what a hot day today was... felt like 40 plus deg. C. with the humidity... crazy! A couple times I just had to sit down and chill out... more to come!

Judy headed into London with Kristina and the kids this morning, as they had to go to the Dr. Office for checkups! All is well, and Charlie got his first shot in the arm today.

The camera tells me they found a park afterwards, as a reward for the kids!


I stayed in Woodstock this morning, and had some errands to run. This was my choice of transportation above in the picture...nuff said! What a day for the bike!


Just after lunch the excitement started, as Big Mo pulled Tara into our Park. Tom and Cheryl had arrived. They are staying for a week or so. First order of business after set up was to find the pool!

We found time for some refreshments, and Tom found some time to do a bit of mortgage work...even though he is now retired, he still dabbles...

The kids all came out for a swim in the pool tonight and had dinner with us. Charlie was a bit warm, so Kristina gave him a make shift bath outside. He cooled down and felt much better. We had the A/C cranked all day in the RV, as Patra was suffering from the heat. She thanked me!

I was laughing at Charlie's cool hair doo after his bath... he was getting ready to head for home.

Till tomorrow... hang on to your A/C!



  1. What a creative bath tub. That is one way to stay cool.

  2. Good choice for transportation today. Enjoy your time by the poo, and with your friends.

  3. We've got the heat here too but not the humidity so no A/C really needed other than the car.

    Nice looking rig your friends pulled in with - should be a fun week for you all.

    Charlie's a cool guy!! Maybe one day he and Mason will be able to meet up!