Friday, November 8, 2013

A very unexpected Guest shows up!

I was supposed to blog about this very unexpected guest yesterday, but forgot about it yesterday... that is life when you don't have a lot to worry about relaxing down here in Frostproof, Fla.

Yesterday morning, Judy was just getting out of bed, when she noticed something jumped!!! "What was that????" she was yelling to me, as I sat reading the news from the Toronto Star Online. I was only reading about the life adventures of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford anyways... which are getting just a little bit crazy.

I ran to the back of the motorhome and here is what we found on the floor inside the washroom.


It was a frog! Now, thankfully just a small one. I was able to scoop him up in a glass and took him outside to our mat, where you see him above. Not a great shot of him from behind, but he has real long back legs, and can jump 3 feet straight up! Judy survived!

We were biking through the Park this afternoon, and found these 3 Sand Hill Cranes, or Teradactles as Judy and I call them, cause they sound just like one when they fly.

A nice White Egret was stalking out his breakfast near our water retention pond inside the Park this morning... lots of wildlife going on today.

Still had some cleaning to do today, and now my motorcycle is nice and clean as the Ontario dirt is gone, ready for some Florida dirt. One of my neighbours invited me down to Sebring, just south of us, to attend a meeting of a motorcycle riding club made up entirely of Snowbirds. Over 140 members apparently. They organize 3 rides a week if you want to go!

I am going to start practicing shooting my pool, so when Tom gets here next month I will be able to whip him on the pool table... they have a great pool room here with 3 tables in it and a big screen TV.

We scouted out the gym this afternoon, which is real nice! Somewhere to take off the Christmas pounds that will be put on!

Yes, that is the Daytona Speedway you see above... home of the annual Daytona 500 race held in Feb. Daytona is about a 3 hour ride from Frostproof...

The above picture show why a lot of fans go to the race, kind of like watching Rob Ford the Mayor... everyone likes a good train wreck!!! In talking with Tom and Cheryl, up in the land of ice and snow, we decided we will take a bus tour that leaves our Resort, and takes us up to watch the Daytona 500 come next February. Hopefully it is a nice sunny day like above!

Yup, should be another great winter in Florida!

Notice to anyone who feels it necessary to mail me a cheque! (U.S. funds preferred...) We have a Florida address:


Rainbow RV Resort,

700 County Road 630A,

Site 296,

Frostproof, Florida, U.S.A. 33843


Till tomorrow...


  1. Nice area that you are in, love the wild life.
    We camped on the infield (4th turn) last year the first of November for the Good Sam Rv Rally with 3500 other RV's, No Racing but still an awesome experience for week.
    And much cheaper too!
    Hopefully you can get to the races and enjoy.

  2. I would have screamed too if that frog had jumped and scared me. I don't care if he's big or small. We would love to go to Daytona some year but probably not going to happen.

  3. So many fun opportunities to look forward to. It was good of you to look after that nice little frog. He lives to find someone else to scare. They love o eat insects so they are worthy little creatures to have around.

  4. I've always had a fondness for frogs - no idea why - I just think they are cute. And I love the noises they make. We had a little one that lived inside our hose reel out by the pool. He had a big voice for such a tiny creature.

  5. How did your "unexpected guest" get in?? I would have done more than scream. I bet my friends would have heard me all the way back home here in Ontario :)

  6. I see you've still got enough money to fly a helicopter around to take those aerial photos so I think I'll have to hold off on writing that cheque for a while.