Friday, November 15, 2013

More cleaning today...

Still in the cleaning mode, as I finished waxing the Jeep and the Motorcycle Trailer, but wanted to do some selective waxing on the MH. The problem is the sun, and it shines here so much I do not want it to fade away our paint, besides, Rick D. from out west is cleaning and waxing his truck so much as he gets ready to head south, I was feeling I had to keep up!

So, I got the cab all cleaned and waxed, and climbed up and the the cab over area you see at the very top... it is a little work to get at it! The sun shines all day on the cab area, so that is why I called it selective waxing. Will work away later at doing the rest of the MH.

Judy asked me to go up on the roof, and clean up both of our max air vents. As you know if you have a motorhome with these... they get dirty. It took about an hour and a half, but I got both done this afternoon.

While up on the roof I took one of those panasonic type shots around our park... looks kind of weird I think.

Here are a couple normal shots... you can see there are still a couple of empty spots, but we had two new people come into our immediate area today.

It was overcast most of the day today, so it was a great day to work outside and do the cleaning and waxing. Judy spent some time shopping up in Winter Haven this afternoon, and was real happy as she found a Zumba Class that just started in the Park today.

We had a nice Facetime call with Kristina and the kids yesterday, and found a couple pictures I took off the iPad of them...

Charlie, although a little blurry, is right on the verge of starting to crawl... he is doing very well.

Gwenny was showing us how she gives 3 of her "stuffies" a ride on her wooden rocking horse... Sure is great to be able to stay up with the kids!



  1. Cleaning and waxing is a never ending job with and RV, but can be enjoyable and a good way to inspect for damage at the same time.

  2. I'll do anything I can to try and make sure you're just not loafing around in the sun down there.

    Interesting shots of the RV Park - looks like every site has a nice amount of space.