Saturday, November 2, 2013

Much better day today!

We were on the road out of the KOA at 8:30 this morning...nice and warm! Headed south!


509 klms. today...not bad for us! Ended up tonight at Lake Ridge RV Resort in Virginia. We were here last spring. We planed to go further, but I bugged out and asked Judy if we could stop and enjoy the evening instead of driving another 2 hours! She said YES!

As I am the boss of the RV, I told it to stop, and the Jeep is just towed where to go anyways... This Park is really nice, so we went for a half hour walk around.


Having problems with slow Verizon out in the middle of no more pictures. Enjoyed a nice BBQ of burgers tonight. Great to be in warmer weather!

Back on the road tomorrow...



  1. Safe travels. Hope the weather is good for you two.

  2. Everybody that's already south keep bragging of the warm weather. Send some back to Ontario. LOL! Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. You making good time, we are taking our time heading west, should be in Arizona in 3-4 weeks. Travel safe and enjoy the journey!

  4. save us some of that warm weather we are in Fishkill NY and will be in VA on Monday!! Travel Safe...

  5. How nice to be south of the cold zone and into the warm belt. You are making good time.

  6. 500klm's is enough for me on any day of driving - that or 3pm whichever comes first!

    Nice spot to stop. Safe travels.