Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Another hot one today...

Temperatures here today were over 85 Deg. F. or closing in on 30 plus deg. C. Started off this morning by taking on the job of washing the MH. (Are you surprised???) We are now all cleaned up! Trailer, Jeep, and the Motorhome... phew... feels good!

Now we can get on with life here in Florida! Lets start off by a Welcome Coffee Hour held down at the Club House in our Park.

The Rec Hall is big here, and it was full of coffee drinkers. They have a meeting with all the announcements for the Park given out. They welcomed Judy and I, and we stood up to introduce ourselves and received a lot of claps from all present, including a bunch of wild Canadians, who seem to like hanging around these places!

I did not even get a picture of the MH after it's wash job, but I now have all the window covers and wheel covers in place... you will get the picture.

This afternoon, we decided to head out to do a bit of shopping, and ended up in Winter Haven. We wanted to stop by and visit some of our Park Friends from last year.

Ron and Rachel were first on the list. They are from Maine, and brought down their motorcycles this year, so we will get together with them to do some touring. They bought the 5th wheels you see above last year while at the Park. Check out below what they also have!

Yes, they have an actual banana plant growing on their lot, with actual banana's growing... you can see them if you look close. I thought it was kind of cool!

We also visited fellow Canuks Carol and Wayne, from Nova Scotia, who lived across the street from us in the Park last year. No pictures of them, as I guess I forgot... next time. I have to be nice to Carol as she is a very faithful Blog Follower. I also did not have much to tell them about how our summer went, as they already new everything by reading the Blog! Good to see all our old Park Friends again, and will see them again soon.

Wayne and Carol told us they had opened a new Golden Corral in Winter Haven, so Judy and I decided to check it out for dinner tonight, as we were up there anyways. It is really nice and new... as always when going here for dinner, I ate way too much! No breakfast tomorrow for me!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Have you been to Homers in Sebring? It is a good buffet.

  2. You two have certainly settled in quickly. Everything is washed and clean and now it's time for fun in the sun. Have at it!!!!

  3. All settled in and ready for the winter, enjoy!

  4. Why is it when you stuff yourself at a buffet, you won't think you'll ever be hungry again....but you always are.

    You're making me feel guilty because we haven't washed our MH since we've been here in Georgia, and it has been dirty the entire time. oops.

  5. I could see the shine on the front of your MH.

    I like buffets but they always seem much better before eating than just after!!