Thursday, November 14, 2013

Well, somebody has to work!

The other day while we were out and about, when we came back I had noticed that the Park had sent maintenance people to the lot beside ours and trimmed up all the cement edges. I thought, "hey", why not have ours done as we had grass growing everywhere. Well, somebody has to work around here, and after I stopped and inquired at the office yesterday, they came today and did our lot!

Two workers showed up with a golf cart full of equipment and started edging. He is using a power trimmer on a wheel..

His partner then took a major whipper snipper and carried on... next was a big power blower and they simply blew all the cut material away! Easy peasy....

As you can see, great results, nice clean lines... all set for the winter.

They even did our patio area for us...

This afternoon we decided to go for a road trip on the motorcycles... time for a tour. First on our list was Lake Walk in the Water! This is a lake only about a 20 minute drive from the Park.

This lake has one purpose in life... to keep the fisherman happy. It is a fully stocked lake with largemouth bass fish. You can check out the sign below that tells you what you can keep, and what you cannot!

It was a nice day for the bikes, a bit overcast, and warm.

We headed north and hit highway 60, heading east. We had a comment on a recent blog from Flowergirl, who mentioned she stays out at the River Ranch RV Park. We wanted to check it out! It is about 25 miles east of Lake Wales and has quite the entrance!

If you are into being a Cowboy or Cowgirl, this is the place for you! What a spot. They have a full amusement area including a full Rodeo every Saturday Night. There is zip lining, boat rides, mini golf, real golf, a mechanical bull to ride... you name it!

There is a major resort here for all the Cow People to stay in... including a Lounge to quench your thirst! Now, check out the picture below... you may think they have a Marina. You would be right.

However, if you look hard, those are RV sites along a canal! Water Front RV Sites! Why not!

Nice cement sites, with a dock for you boat. It looks like many were purchased, and some are for re-sale, for around $80,000.00 or so for the lot! Cheap!

There is a full RV Park that is not on the water, and looks more normal than what you see above.

Now if you get bored while you are here, you can go for a ride...

on the Florida Swamp Buggy of course!

Anyways, sure seems like a great spot, and made for a nice tour... I am sure Flowergirl will enjoy her time down here in Florida when she makes it!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Those are gorgeous sites!

    Swamp Buggy...pretty cool ride.

  2. Looks like a fun place. Those waterfront sites are gorgeous.

  3. Looks nice but certainly not for us.
    Glad you did not have to work today.
    Thinks that a nono.

  4. Thanks for the pictures. It is a most beautiful park. Lots of palms and flowers, shrubs, two pools. Golf course and wonderful people. We rent there and it is very reasonable. We will try to find you when we get there. Always time for an ice cream cone!

  5. Nice day for a ride....and a nice blog to inform us about all the cool places around your neck of the woods.

  6. Your site is looking pretty nice.

    I wonder what the rates are for those sites on the canal? A little steep I'll bet.

  7. The canal goes out to the Kissessemee (SP?) river. We rode through the park, got a phone number or two from private for sale signs and then called them and asked if we could rent it. Most of the time they say yes. We pay 600 a month for a regular lot, not waterfront.