Saturday, November 16, 2013

I was flying along and.....

There I was, flying my plane today when all of a sudden......

No.... that is not my plane... don't get all worried folks. Judy and I were laughing today at this plane, stuck in the Palm Trees. It is actually at the entrance of someone's driveway, just about 1 kilometer up the road from our RV Resort. At least the people have a great sense of humour! Someone in our Park told me if I drove up the road a bit further, I could see a famous Florida Sink Hole, but I decided not to press my luck today. Maybe another day. That was a mess, with the big sink hole in Tampa area, that just devoured 2 houses this week! Yikes!

What a way to start the day today! Check out the picture above, of the pot luck breakfast in our Rec Hall this morning at 8:30. Now, it is hard for us to get out of bed by then...(lol) but we made it, and enjoyed breakfast with some folks from upper New York State, and Florida.

We had to wear off some of our breakfast, so we headed out to a trail head we had recently found for a hike. Just up the road from Frostproof, we found a Florida State Forest, which is like a conservation area with a whole bunch of different trails through the land.

It may not look like it, but the trail above is well marked. The thing that got me was the amount of vegetation in this area. It is thick! Lots of fall leaves on the ground as you can see.

There was a bunch of nice old oak trees, with tons of spanish moss all through the trail. We walked in 1 mile, and yup, walked back out 1 mile. It was overcast, looking like rain, but it never did. The problem hiking was that it was over 30 deg. C. and we were walking in a lot of loose sand on the trail, so it was tough built up a sweat!

Let us know if you need a good Christmas Wreath this year, as they have the biggest Pine Cones here in the World, and they would look great on a wreath!

It was a great hike that we really enjoyed.....UNTIL.......

I was sweating and took my hat off to wipe my brow... and noticed something on my hat! WHAT!!!! Check out the size of this spider... and this picture is of him all curled up in his ball protecting himself! WOW.... now you know why my hat is on the ground in the picture... I could not throw it down fast was just like all the Politicians trying to get away from Rob Ford! Can't do it fast enough!

Now I was not quite so freaked out by this little critter above who came out to say hello at the trailhead!


We received our 1st. Christmas Card in the mail today! Shawn and Jenn, Emmie and Paige sent us a card, with great shots of the gals! They did a great job making up the cards!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Pot luck breakfast...very interesting.

    That is a HUGE pine cone.

    Beautiful Christmas card.

  2. I don't think I've ever heard of a potluck breakfast either. I wonder what folks would say if I just brought Corn Flakes?

    You win the prize for the first Christmas card - cute pic of the girls.

  3. Breakfast and a long hike sounds like a couple of good activities Add some excitement with a spider and it all adds up to a decent day.

    Pretty cool how that plane is sitting perfectly between the trees. It is kind of eccentric....but to each his/her own, I guess.

  4. Love those huge pinecones, we took a bunch back home for our grandkids to decorate for Christmas last year.
    Sounds like another fun day, watch out for those huge spiders and such.