Sunday, November 10, 2013

I like the 80's...

No, I am not talking about the 1980's....

We have been here in Frostproof for 6 days now and every day it has made it into the 80's! I figure that is not bad for November! Maybe that $20.00 bribe I gave to the lady at the Florida Welcome Centre was the best twenty bucks I have spent in a while...

Judy and I have found this weeks temperatures to be just about perfect... no a/c needed and no heater needed... Patra has fallen in love with the weather here as well.

Just a warning, I am also starting to think about getting my old faithful Super Cub out, and do some flying again! I have identified a flying field inside our park! I have had many request on the blog to get back at it! Time will tell, keep tuned!

Judy and I headed into Lake Wales this morning to attend a local Church Service. The Good Shepard is located there, and has a congregation of over 250 people, and offered a nice service! We met a group of people from our Resort that attended.

This afternoon, after doing some grocery shopping, I broke out the wax and took on the Jeep! (That is our Monster Blue Tooth Speaker pumping out the tunes that you see on the right...)

Gold Class, Carnauba Plus Paste Wax was on sale at Walmart, and I tried it today. Gave it a 9 out of 10! Very easy to use, and gave a high lustre. I was easily able to complete the entire Jeep, so it is a very happy machine tonight. Many offers of doing all my neighbours vehicles were easily passed by this afternoon. Hard to get stuff done outside here, as people are so friendly they just want to stop and talk you up!

You need to have your vehicle waxed here, as it acts like a sun screen. Next I have to do some selective waxing on the MH and the Motorcycle Trailer, as the sun here, like in California, is relentless!

Judy bought a nice Heliconia "Choconiana" today, to keep on our site.... what is that you may ask???

I prefer to call it a "bird of paridise plant".... but who am I?

It is a very tropical looking plant, and does enhance our site... Patra tried to eat some of it and that did not really impress Judy, so I will let you know when Patra gets back to earth from the moon!

So, as you can see, a very easy day around here, just they way it should be!

Till tomorrow...



  1. 80 degree temperatures are just perfect. Nice wax job.

  2. Was perfect weather here too, gotta keep our vehicles waxed with the UV protectors, sure is worth it.

  3. Aah, the Florida lifestyle is so appealing in the winter. We are looking forward to our arrival in less than a week.

    Love the Bird of Paradise plant!

  4. You are very well ensconced in your new RV park for the winter. The weather sure seems welcoming. Jeep looks great with the wax job.

  5. Jeez, ease up on that wax - the glare off the Jeep nearly blinded me!

    Perfect weather for sure - 80's is just about right.

    Good luck with your flying career when you decide to take off.