Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Taking flight...

Yes, I found a strip of land to fly my plane here inside our RV Resort in Frostproof. It is not the biggest field you can fly on, but it works.

My skills have deteriorated over the past year and a 1/2 off... so bear with me...

Final pre-flight check list... all is good to go!


Now, the Resort has not yet paved a taxi and runway for me, so I had to hand launch today...

Judy did the on site photos today at the aerodrome... good job as usual... now in looking at these pictures, you may think everything went just perfect... not quite... I did tangle with a Palm Tree of all things, but nothing that a little bit of airplane glue can't fix up! The weather was perfect today for flying, just short of 30 deg. C. and no wind all day long. Starting to love it here!

Upon needing some repairs, I did not have the right type of glue, so after a short google search, I found eXtreme Hobby Zone in Winter Haven, just a 1/2 hour drive up the road. Yes, that is my Honda sitting out front of the store, great day for biking, and I took Hwy. 17 up to Winter Haven, also know around here as the Scenic Highway.

All that flying around today made Judy have this big craving for an ice cream cone!

Tom will be laughing at this picture, as he constantly refers to Frostproof, as Frostbite! Yes, the ice cream store is called FROST BITE! Why not!

Now, John and Pat M. should remember this place, as we stopped by here last year on a Motorcycle Tour out of Winter Haven. No frost bite was inflicted on anyone today.

We did do other valuable work today, scouting out some more launch spots for our kayaks. Tom and Cheryl are going to bring theirs down with them this winter, and today we found Lake Easy, with a great public boat launch.

You will have to check out this machine in this short video above... They have a lot of brush that grows over the roads around here, and have to cut it down somehow. As I was coming home on the motorcycle, I was stopped for a while on the road as the machine did it's thing. Yes, it is pink in colour! You do not want to be caught in the jaws of this thing!

Till tomorrow...


  1. I've never seen anything like that pink machine. Sure seems to do the job.

  2. Nice to see you back flying your hobby aircraft. Too bad for the slight damage but you do have good experience with glue, don't you?

    Nice weather for riding. Can't wait to get down to the nice southern US climes to ride.

    That pink monster was very cool. Trimming made easy!

  3. We stay at River Ranch RV resort. It is about 10 miles north of you on 60. We go to Frostbite for ice cream all the time. Some Sat. night go to River Ranch for their rodeo..its fun. We have a great non denom. church at RR to if you are interested. We love it. Too bad we can't get down there until last week in Jan. boohoo.

  4. Nice that you are flying again, in the air and on your bike, watch out for that pink panther!

  5. That pink machine could sure do a number on your airplane if you flew too close to it. It would take a whole lot of glue to fix it.

  6. When I was a young lad a buddy and I built and of course repaired our planes. Since his mother disliked the smell through the house we were confined to one tiny room. We didn't even know what hallucinations were,but we enjoyed our time in that room. Shortly thereafter they changed the glue formula. John do you work on your planes in enclosed spaces? Just thinking about it I can almost smell that glue and paint from so many years ago.