Saturday, November 9, 2013

He shoots... he scores!!!!!

Whew... what a beautiful day here in Florida...AGAIN!!!! Well into the 80's again on the temperatures with a mix of sun and clouds.

Today we were on a mission! I had to score! Packed up a big bag of egg salad sandwiches and loaded up the motorcycles, and off we went to Tampa.

So, what is in Tampa you ask???


The Tampa Bay Times Forum of course! Don't you all remember last year Judy and I made the early trip over to Tampa to pick up Hockey Tickets to see the Lightening take on my Toronto Maple Leafs? Well, this is another year, and don't look now, buy my Leafs are in first place! Right on!

We made the 1 1/2 hour trip, and managed to pick up 4 tickets to see the game on Feb. 6th of next year. Yes, we tricked Tom and Cheryl into coming with us to the game!

Before we left today, we had a run in with a couple sand hill cranes...

They just moseyed onto our site this afternoon. Just like they owned the place...

We watched with interest as we were trying to figure out what they were up to.

Check out this one above... he either saw his reflection in our motorcycle trailer, or he was hungry and was trying to peck the rivits off the side of the trailer... not sure which! Judy eventually chased him away...

This is the view of downtown Tampa from the front of the Hockey Arena. It is not far to downtown.

Patra is one happy cat to be back down in Florida. She likes the warm temperatures, but glad she was not outside when the cranes came by!

We took all the back roads to get to Tampa... loved the ride. Perfect conditions for the motorcycles today, and they worked perfect! On the way home we stopped by our favourite Pizza Place of the all, Papa Murphy's! It is a take and bake shop only, but the Pizza is amazing, and you get a large one for like $9.00! Love it...

Karen asked in her comment last night, "So how did the frog get in the MH?" Good question Karen, and we really don't have a clue. Judy told me she was talking to a neighbour who had one land on her face while in bed!!!! Now that would freak you out, that's for sure!

Looks to me that Emmie and Paige found snow today in Ottawa!

Sure was a perfect day here in Florida, which included scoring some nice tickets!

Till tomorrow...



  1. I took a motorcycle ride to the local motorcycle shop to buy an oil filter but, unlike you two, I had to dress in cold weather riding gear with heated vest and heated grips.

    Your ride was awesome and the reward (those NHL tickets)even better.

  2. The bikes are the perfect way to cruise away the winter months in Florida, sounds wonderful.

  3. Great pic of Emmie and Paige in the snow just to remind you how lucky you are to be in sunny and warm Florida.

    You are a true, dedicated Leafs fan!

  4. Cool - got the 4th of Feb marked on the calendar. Looking forward to watching YOUR favorite

    I guess us going to hockey and you going to Nascar is a fair trade.

    Keep warming up that park for us. Getting closer!!

  5. I changed my mind. I no longer want to retire in Florida if frogs are going to fall on my face while I sleep