Thursday, January 14, 2010

An easy day at home!

If you have been following the blog the past couple of weeks you know we have been busy going here and there and looking at just about everything, and touring everything. That all came to a grinding halt today as we took a day to catch our breath again. It was nice and sunny and warm this morning but turned windy this afternoon as forcasted.

I did some RV maintenance this morning and Judy and Pat did some laundry... I had to run into Yuma with John to pick up Judy's bike at the Motorcycle Shop, as I had it in to replace the handlebars, and have a new spark plug installed. Yes, I kind of bent the handle bars by torquing too hard with the tie down straps when I tie in down in the trailer.... oooppsss.... of well, all fixed now. You would not believe where they put the spark plug on this machine, and you would need real small hands or something to even get near it, so off to the shop to have this down...
I did not even take one picture today, but wanted to show you this one from yesterday at the farm. It is an experiment for roofing material that determines which type of shingle or roof tiles is best suited for the sun.

The farm was very interesting and I have a few facts to keep your brains purkolating....

The Imperial Valley (this is where we are....) receives the most sun in a year than anywhere else in the USA. The sunshine here averages more than 8 hour a day! This includes the winter!

The Imperial Valley only gets three inches of rain a year! Most from Nov. to March. We came here Nov. 28th and it has only rained twice, and the ground did not even get wet during those rains.

Dec. 13, 1932 was the last time it actually snowed in the Imperial Valley.... 4 inches were recorded that day!

With very little rain, all the agricultural is dependent on the Colorado River. Two problems with the river, is the silt that comes with the water, they have to remove it, and the water is salt water, so the farmer do different things to work around that problem

The All American Canal has a big problem. Seaweed grows in the canal. They solved this problem by breeding a type of carp fish that eats this stuff big time. They will only put sterile fish into the canal to avoid them reproducing. They test them first!

There are more than 375 species of birds in the Imperial Valley!

There is over 600,000 acres of land currently in different produce type crops, that will yield over $1,500,000,000.00 in sales.

It is a great area to visit, and tomorrow we are going back to visit the mountains near San Diego. When we passed through them a few days ago, it was dark. There is a State Park we want to go visit, maybe take a hike, and have a picnic lunch.

Till tomorrow......

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