Sunday, January 10, 2010

San Diego at it's finest!

Today was over the top! It was real warm today, and we spent the day at the Old Historic Yuma Prison, but will not report on this adventure until tomorrow! So all you Prison Workers out there in Gravenhurst and area, get ready!
Today I want to show you more of San Diego. A great City! Now, if you remember, we left off yesterday with the tour of the "Midway". After we got off the Midway, we walked down to the Harbour area, and soon figured out we wanted to tour the downtown area, and we decided to do so on the Old Town Trolley Tour. This is the same Company that did the tour we took last year while visiting Boston to watch Shawn Graduate from Medical School.
Here is our ride!

First thing we passed on the tour was the Midway. This is the rear of the ship, and we had lunch up on the upper deck, it was great!

John and Pat are finding their seat here on the trolley, and our driver-tour guide Jim was warming up for the big tour. He did an excellent job and kept the tour very light!

Can't seem to remember why I included this next picture on the blog....hmmmm. good shot of the downtown area I guess.... or simply uploaded the wrong picture...

These were special tree called "naked....something"....can't remember again! They were in front of the Sheraton Centre. Lots of new buildings downtown, and lots of hotels for conferences, who wouldn't want to come here for a conference!

Another downtown shot...

We passed this girl leaning against the post. She is a model, and if you look to the far left you will see the photographer doing the pictures.... she was making some weird symbol with her fingers, not really sure what it was all about...

The call the downtown entertainment area the "Gas Lamp Area" and here is a shot of one of the restaurants. They are all very nice, and well done!

They have modern mass transit in the downtown core.... apparently for $5.o0 you can ride for the day...

Off the harbour area of Downtown, is Coronado Island, which is home for about 34,000 people, and the average home sells for $940,000.00. They build the bridge below, which is 2 1/2 miles long out to the island, and we took in on the tour.

Up and over we go.....

This is the view of downtown San Diego from the far side of the bridge...

This is another view of San Diego from one of the Island Parks...

Years ago, there were very few trees in the area, and they moved some homes from other areas. This one came in 3 pieces believe it or not, on a barge!

Jan. 8th was Elvis' birthday, (and our Daughter's) and apparently Elvis is living and singing out on Coronado Island!

The largest industry in San Diego, is manufacturing. You can see a new ship being built here for the U. S. Navy.

Back on the main land, this tree in a park, is call a "choker tree". The roots will chock the roots of any surrounding tree!

Here is where you have to use your imagination today. If you remember the movie "Top Gun" (which was shot in San Diego Area) Maverick rides up a hill on his motorcycle to visit his new girlfriend "Kelly" in her cottage. If you look through the overpass, that is the hill that Tom Cruise goes up to visit Kelly. Told you you had to use your imagination.

The tour ends up in "Old Town San Diego", where there is lot of this going on all the time....

After the tour we walked around the Harbour area some more, and took in the Cruise Ships that were docked, four of them... Here is the "Elation"....

We got hungry of course, and took in dinner over at the Holiday Inn at the Harbour. We sat outside as it was a beautiful night, Judy wanted to record it on film, and here is what happens when two of the subjects in the picture hold their heads firm, and one moves his head during the exposure process.... guess which one moved his head!

Overall, a great day, and a great tour in San Diego.

Must say Hello to my brother Gord, and his Wife Wendy back up in Orillia. It was good talking on the phone to both of you today!

Till tomorrow!

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