Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Internet Problems... however problem solved!

Every since back in April of last year when we purchased our Satellite Internet System, from Tech Mobile out of Lindsay, we have been asked by people everywhere we go about it. They are all curious. We have had people walk right up on our sites looking at it, and they come and bang on our door and ask about it. It has been a very handy device for us and we have had good luck with it. It is very easy to assemble and get lined up on the right satellite. Takes me about 15 to 20 minutes at the most to be on line surfing from start to finish. Yesterday though, we did have a problem. We exceeded what is know as the "fair play policy". This is the 2nd time this has happened to us. What happens is, we have a threshold of information that we can download or upload during a day. If we exceed certain limits on this threshold we get penalized. The penalty is that for 24 hours, our system is reduced to "dial up speed"! Yuck. On Saturday, Judy was have a video conference with Kristina, and I was doing a bunch of banking, and everything else you can imagine, and before you know it we exceeded our threshold. So, on Sunday Morning first thing after I got up, I knew there was a problem when I could not get the home page up at normal speed. I checked the system page for the modem, and it told me the bad news. When you get put down to dial up speed on this system it is S L O W . . . ... You basically just give up as it takes forever for anything to come up on your screen.
Judy and I had a talk and a meeting of the finance committee, and we decided that one of the things we use a lot and enjoy a lot, is our computers, so this morning I was on the phone to Galaxy Broadband, out of Toronto, which is the Company that provides our Internet Service, through Hughes Net out of New York. We have now upgraded our system to the next level of service. :-)) What this means, is we can now download faster, :-)), and we can upload faster, :-)), and we have a larger threshold, double what is was before for information. It ends up costing us an additional $20.00 per month, but the finance committee gave the thumbs up, and all is good.
What a difference. I had to fax a form in today to make the request, and this afternoon, they made the changes to our system, and we are off and running. Right away it felt like I got a new turbo boost on my system! Web pages now jump out of the screen at me! I like it! We should not run into problems with the Fair Play Policy anymore I hope. Also our skype video conferences with not have as big a delay in the audio as we are now running faster!
As we were on dial up, I did not even bother trying to do a blog last night. Sorry! It was just way to painful.
Yesterday, Judy, Pat, John M. and I went into Yuma to tour the Quarter Master Museum. Judy and I had been there when we first came to Yuma, but did not see it all. This is a complex that was built at the turn of the century and was used by the Military to store supplies and distribute them to the men. The place is dripping with history, and we spent a nice afternoon there. We also stopped at an RV dealer in Yuma to check out what is available on the RV Market. Never know when you might need one of these!
After our touring around, Pat and John told us they were taking us out for dinner as it was their last full day in Yuma! They have decided to move on to Tucson. We went out to a place called Yuma Landing, which is a nice restaurant and bar. It was rowdy inside the bar as everyone was watching the football game between the NY Jets and San Diego Chargers. New York won, and we could not believe most people were cheering for them!
We had a great dinner! Judy brought the camera and here we are :

Self timers on cameras are a great invention!
This morning, John and Pat came to our RV around 8:00 as we wanted them to come for a farewell breakfast! The forecast was rain here today, but it is real hard for rain to fall here, and we were able to sit outside and have breakfast! It was nice and mild. Judy took this pic from the door of our RV. We are sitting on our cement patio, and the building beside us is a park model unit that is empty. The Husband passed away back last fall, and his wife decided not to come to Yuma this year. This unit protects us from the wind.

Judy and I sure enjoyed the time that Pat and John were here with us. We accomplished a lot of things over the 2 weeks, as many of you know who read the blog everyday. We have travelled all over the place with John and Pat over the past 20 years and always have a great time. They lucked out on the weather while they were here and have now moved to Tucson to visit a couple attractions up there, before jumping on the jet plane out of Phoenix on Wednesday, back to good old Toronto! Safe trip John and Pat!

Spent today doing some maintenance on my motorcycle. These things need some tender loving care at times! Found out today that Kristina and Chris are going to adopt a new dog this coming Friday! Another addition to the Family! Won't their cats, "Balzak and Graham" be in for a surprise! LOL.....

Anyways, till tomorrow...

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