Friday, January 1, 2010


2010 Who would have thought?

This morning we did a bit of running around for a few things after exercises of course. They promised my bike would be ready by lunch but of course that did not happen....

At 3:00 we got a phone call from the Morrison's who made it to the Hotel! they were here. I drove over on Judy's bike to show them the way to our park, and then Johnny and I drove into Yuma in their rental car to pick up my bike which was ready!

Of course we had a few glasses of cool aid and talked over many problems in the world. We set the BBQ on fire and cooked up a mess of baked potatoes, BBQ steak, some corn on the cob and a few other goodies to make for a great dinner! John and Pat were pretty road weary, however we started to watch the Canada USA jr. hockey game, and managed to pause it while we ate. After dinner we enjoyed the end of the game that Canada wins in a shoot out!

It was a beautiful night here with a full mood and no clouds! We did manage to watch the Dick Clark new years special, and of course celebrated new years at midnight, well in New York anyways! It was only 10:00 p.m. here, but who really cares. John and Pat are now long gone for their hotel room, and will start the fun tomorrow!

Happy New Year to everyone back home from Judy and I. Hopefully it is a good year for everyone. We are looking forward to it!

till next year....

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  1. John and Judy

    It is freezin up here in Gravenhurst... John that hockey game was good but USA was more composted l thought.. Happy New Year HEALTH AND HAPPINESS TO YOU