Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Who will stop the rain.......

Yes, it rained here today. It seems hard to believe, but this afternoon it started raining and continued for about 4 or 5 hours! This is big news around here as it never rains.... Right away water started to pool everywhere, as the ground simply will not soak it up. It seems real funny, as the rain smells different here than it does in Gravenhurst! It appears to be a lot of iron in the rain water, and the water pooling on the ground has a different brown colour to it... People say to head out to the desert in a few days, as it will start to bloom big time in 3 or 4 days!

The farmers down here do not like the rain, as they are very precise and scientific with their irrigation methods, and rain just screws all that up. They shut down the irrigation systems in advance of the rain, so too much water does not end up in the fields.

Today was just a slow day, never even got the camera out. Went for a nice walk around the park this morning in the hot sun, as the gym was full and could not get my tread mill. There are hardly any spaces empty in the park now.

They had a big flap in the park today, as everyone who has a trailer like our motorcycle trainer, was given notice that you have to remove them from the park! Apparently it is in the by-laws of the park that you are not allowed to keep any type of trailer on your lot, however the Resort has not been enforcing this rule...... well, until now! Judy and I do not try to hide the fact we have a trailer and motorcycles when we pull in somewhere, as we know there are parks that do not want us with that type of equipment. When we pulled in here, we told them what we had, and we were told "no problem". They even have an employee drive you to your spot and he told us where to put our trailer! Judy and I went down to the front office after we received the notice to talk to them about it. We explained our circumstances, and they acknowledged they have not been enforcing the rules, however someone in the park complained, and so now they are giving everyone notice. There was a lot of upset people in the park today that have trailers here. A lot of people travel with their RV and want to pull all the toys with them. The office gave us permission to leave our trailer, as we are leaving on Jan. 29th. anyways. Oh well, the one advantage of being an RV'er is that you can talk with your wheels. Judy and I were planning on booking this resort again for next year, but that probably will not happen now. There are lots of other parks out there!

Judy was all over the weather on the Internet today, and tells me tomorrow is supposed to be nice, however more rain in the forecast for Thursday and maybe Friday! After that we are back to our normal warm and sunny temps.

This afternoon we received a skype phone call from Shawn, Jenn, and Emmie! Emmie is the big star of the show, and was in fine form today. Jenn had some hip music playing, and Emmie was doing the dancing like they do on TV.... she was pumped! She took us on a tour of the new baby's room. Mom and Dad have it all fixed up and ready to go..... won't be long now! Emmie took us into her room next, and was playing "Timber" with us. Mom would pretend to chop her down, and she fell on the bed like a tree falling in the forest! She did it over, and over and over.... gotta love kids, they just keep going....

At least the rain has now stopped, and looks like things are starting to dry out. Judy and I sat around the RV this afternoon in the rain watching a movie off of our DVR. Good thing it was on dvr, as the satellite was knocked out by the bad weather.... but it did come back on in time for me to watch my Leafs lose..... sigh..... :-(( Next time!

Till tomorrow.....

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  1. so have you scouted out a spot to leave your trailer for the bikes. But the bikes are aloowed to stay at your site??? That sykpe is great eh we talk to Don's brother Jeff and Kristie l think you would remember them they had the 60 party at the Koa we often chat with them. So about the rain and the leafs