Saturday, August 6, 2011

Another great Family Reunion…

My Cousin Marion, and her Husband, Peter have been super hosts of our Family Reunions now for many, many years.  They have a small Hobby Farm just outside Mallorytown, Ontario. 

This afternoon, it was probably close to 50 people who attended, and this one in my books, appeared on the smaller side with a great time being had by all!

It all started off when my cousin’s cat, “Ping” came over to make friends with Patra at our RV door this morning… however as you can tell maybe, they are not really “kissing cousins just yet”…  Ping has a brother on the farm named “Pong” of course…


My Uncle Art, in the black shirt, with my Mother in the yellow blouse beside him, are the two oldest now at the reunion, my Uncle being 91, and my Mom being 88, they are brother and sister, and both doing very well!


Cousin Marion fills up a water slide for the kids, it was real warm today!




Can’t remember, his name, and Patra did not want to meet him really, but this guy below is only 11 months old!  He weights 140 lbs already…


Lots of relatives showed up, mainly from Ottawa area, and Montreal.


For $2.00 you could buy a ticket and guess the weight of little Ricky!   He was just born 3 months ago, and he has a bit of a head start on our Gwenny!


Uncle Art was all excited about winning an apron in the raffle draw…


My cousin Marion’s husband, Peter, is an avid gardener, and here is 1 of 3 gardens he keeps… a lot of food is frozen for the winter!


Another great reunion!  Always great to spend time with Family!

Till tomorrow…


  1. This looks like a great time! We just spent the day with our family too and I'd love to buy that water slide for my little cousin!
    His parents might not be too happy with me though. ;]

  2. Glad you had fun, looks like it was a great time for all. It sure is a good family tradition to keep going!

  3. like Rick said you have to love tradition...I sure do...looks like you all had a super fine time...

  4. ping and pong? that is a good one!!!..looks like Patra was left out of the fun!..