Friday, August 5, 2011

A day on the road…

Phew… long day on the road today.  Judy and I left Woodstock around 8:30 this morning, and headed out for Orillia to pick up my Mom…  We had to stop and take a load of propane on in order to keep things running!

Heavy traffic through Toronto slowed us down as usual!  There is ALWAYS heavy traffic in Toronto!

We made it to Orillia by 11:30 and stopped by my Brother Richards to pick up Mom… By lunch time we were off and running for Mallorytown.

Turned out we drove over 400 miles today, as our RV records in miles, coming from the States.   It was a long day.  Arrived at the farm by 6:00 and quickly got set up…

My cousins had supper ready for us and waiting, so this was good!   Best of all, Mom who is now 88, got to meet up again with my Uncle Art, who is a cool 92!   Pictures to follow.

Till tomorrow…


  1. That's a long drive. Hope you get some rest tonight.

  2. Should be a great family reunion! Have fun Saturday!