Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ready, set, goooooooo…….

Today was simply another beautiful day here in paradise… we must live right here in Ontario this summer or something… it has been great, and is not over yet!

Today was a get ready day.  Judy and I are leaving tomorrow morning on a 4 day motorcycle tour with a bunch of our friends from Gravenhurst… 6 couples and a few singles, will be leaving for a trip up to Manitoulin Island, which sits in the north end of  Georgian Bay, which is a major bay of Lake Huron. We have been there many times, but it never gets old. Blogs might be a little weak over the next few days, as I do not think there will be much internet up there, so I might just  be on the smart phone, if there is coverage!  We will see.  Don’t be alarmed if you do not see a new post for a few days, and we plan to be back next Monday for sure.

Today I spent the day doing regular maintenance on our motorcycles to ensure they are in great shape for the trip… check the oil, check the tires, lots of cleaning… they are ready!

I never took a picture today, however I borrowed the pictures off of Amy’s camera… she the one being from Edmonton!  


Hmmmm, her camera seems to be on Gwenny overdose!

DSC03980 - CopyDSC03981 - Copy


I was laughing at the picture below that I found on the camera… I guess out in Edmonton, they do not have live bait machines…



They all enjoyed breakfast out at a nice restaurant, Dean Michaels, in Woodstock.  From what they tell me, Gwenny was great during breakfast, mainly sleeping…


We all sat around the RV tonight, enjoying a Pizza dinner supplied by Amy and Jason… thanks guys!


Gwenny was full of polka dots today…


Patra looked a little bummed out today, but actually, she was just on bird watch.


Everyone left me while I was typing the blog and went down to the pool for a swim, so I thing I will join them all!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Have a great time on your ride. Take pictures that you can post next week.

  2. You're not overly fond of that grand baby now are you :)) She is sure a cutie, and the polka dots are something else - so cute. Have fun on your motorcycle ride.

  3. Its been such a blast out here in Woodstock - as always! Thanks for letting us crash your campsite and baby-time. We'll be back soon, I'm sure!

  4. Have a great motorcycle ride...rick and I both used to be bikers...:)...thankfully we are past that stage...but we did enjoy our many years of MC safe and post some ride pictures upon your return


  5. Have a great time on your bike trip!

    Gwenny sure has big blue eyes!

    Thanks for finding some photos!

  6. Have only been to Manitoulin Island once & it was back in the late 70's. Found it to be a very 'magical feeling' place & have always wanted to return & spend more time there but just haven't made it yet. Might want to keep the rain gear close by because the week-end is looking a little on the wet side. Your probably going the long way around if your going through Gravenhurst but the fast track & beautiful drive back would put you aboard the Chi Cheemaun to the picturesque & quaint little harbor town of Tobermory & down the forrested Bruce Penninsula. Nice scenic Camping Park right on the shores of Georgian Bay south of Tobermory called Cypress Lake. Gotta just love the rocky shoreline along there.....

  7. Beautiful!
    The Live Bait machine cracks me up too. =]