Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back to Mallorytown…

Our mini vacation with my Mother continued today, as we left Ottawa shortly before noon, and headed back to Mallorytown, and the farm, to claim our RV back!

This morning Judy and I spent the morning playing with Paige and Emmie in the back yard.  The apple trees had done their usual, dropping apples, so I recruited the kids to help me clean up the mess… you would think it was Easter morning!  We had a ball.


Last night Dr. Hollinger was out and about with his rollerblades, testing out his leg… he hurt it recently while running.  He is happy to be back in Canada for this coming winter, and wants to join a Men’s Hockey League.   He was skating real good on the rollerblades!


Little Emmie did real good on her rollerblades, you could spot them coming for about 3 blocks!


We had a great visit with the kids, including watching the remake of the movie “Arthur” last night in their downstairs Theatre.   It was funny!

Back on the farm tonight just in time to enjoy a nice roast beef dinner prepared by my cousins Marion and Sue.  Thanks!   They are doing poached eggs for us first thing in the morning before we hit the road… life is good on the farm!

Till tomorrow…


  1. looks like shawn has his game face on

  2. Life certainly does sound good on the farm - at least the food part!

    Nice to see everyone out on roller blades having fun and getting some exercise. Looks like you've got a good little skater there in Emmi.

    Have a good trip back to the RV.

  3. love Emmie in the pink skates!! cute!!!!

  4. love Emmie's skates....sooo cute....enjoy!!

  5. Glad you had such a wonderful visit with your family!
    Have fun & Travel safe