Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Drive on…

As they say, “all good things come to and end…” and today was no different.  I headed out first thing with Mom this morning, to drive her back to Orillia, hence ending her vacation. 

Traffic was the normal grind through the north end of Toronto on the 401, and as always jammed up around the 400 cut off… this has gotta be the busiest piece of highway in Canada!  No question!

I made it back to Woodstock just at 5:00 this afternoon. 

Found some pics on the camera from yesterday.  Too bad the window in the background lets all that back light in…

Little Gwenny on the left, being held by Kristina, (Mom) and Judy and my Mom, Gwen make up the pic below… 4 Generations!


Of course I had to get in on the Generation Picture!


and the whole gang for the fun of it.


Had to have a picture of the two “Gwenny’s”…


Had a nice dinner with the kids tonight, along with Jason and Amy, friends who are driving from Edmonton, to Montreal on a holiday, and stopped here to visit for a few days.


I was left in charge of feeding Gwenny supper tonight!  She did good!


Amy and Jason…


We had to give them some Gwenny time of course!


Will try to get back to somewhat normal routine tomorrow, however we are just getting ready to leave on another trip!

Till tomorrow…


  1. great generation shots!!..treasure those!!

  2. Great pictures. I love those generation type of pictures. They are so neat to see.