Wednesday, August 3, 2011

“Snortin Bull” comes to life!

Way back on February 26, of this year, I posted a blog about the P-47 Thunderbolt RC Airplane that I had purchased.  In that post, I mentioned one of the Canadian Pilots, James A. Mullins, USAAF 404th… he flew the Thunderbolt during the war.  I had done a bit of research on the internet at the time, and happened on the storey of James Mullins.  Well, today, I received an email from James Mullins Son, Steve, who had just recently read the post.  He is thrilled that the RC Community is keeping the spirit of his Dad alive.  Unfortunately, his Dad passed away, before the Airplane became really popular with the Remote Control Community, and the Company that produces it.  It sure was nice receiving the email, and I hope it was easier for the pilots to fly the P-47 than it is for me trying to fly it!

Judy spent the day in with Kristina and Gwenny while I took care of things at the RV.  A bunch of maintenance items completed, as we prepare to travel this Friday.  Also, I did some repairs to my P-47, imagine that! 

Found Judy’s camera, and even though a bit late, here are a few photos of the weekend at Sauble Beach

First one here gives you an idea of how busy the beach was on last Sunday… the weather was perfect!


Here we are just “cutting loose” at the back of the cottage, taking it all in!


We went out for dinner on the Sunday night, and enjoyed a nice meal out on the deck of the restaurant.  Gerard and Debbie are sitting beside Judy and I, while Keith and Darlene sit in the front on the left, with Al and Dale are behind.  We have all been coming to the cottage on the August long weekend for many many moons now!


This morning I had to stop by Kristina’s house, and took these pictures of “Rose of Sharon” flowers that were in bloom…


This second bush was in a light purple almost… they were nice after this mornings rain.


Till tomorrow…


  1. How wonderful to get that e-mail from his son. And the flowers are beautiful.

  2. That was really great that the son contacted you... Beautiful photos of the flowers!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  3. Very nice of the son to contact you. Again, blogging opens some doors we'd never even know were there!

    Looks like you had a great weekend up at the cottage - looks like a pretty popular beach!