Thursday, August 4, 2011

The heat is back “on”…

Man, what a summer it has been… the heat is back on again… hot and humid again today! 

First thing this morning… well, if 9:30 is first thing for you… I jumped on the Honda and headed into the Gamma Lab in London.  More blood to give!  Made my donation and then headed over to the Hobby Shop, which was not far from the Lab.  I had to pick up a new Lithium Polymer Battery for my Super Cub.  That done, I headed back for home.

The afternoon was spent on all things RV.  We are leaving here tomorrow morning, to head to Orillia to pick up my Mom… after we do that, we set sail for Mallerytown and our Family Reunion on Saturday. 

After dinner this evening, we got to have a 20 minute skype call with Shawn and Paige over in Ottawa.  Jenn was out with Emmie so we missed them, I think she had some problems with her Company Car and it had to go to the shop.

I like the feature on skype that allows you to snap a photo off the screen… check out these two pictures I took of Paige… it seems when you hit the button to take a pictures, there is a bit of a delay until the picture is taken, so you don’t quite get the shot you thought you were getting… however, better than nothing!

Video call snapshot 1

Little Paige is now 16 months and doing very well.

Video call snapshot 2

Till tomorrow…


  1. I didn't know you could do that with Skype. Cool!

  2. Paige is a cutie patootie that is for sure!!!

  3. Skype is a wonderful thing to have with grandchildren that's for sure! Have a safe trip tomorrow!

  4. we love skype and Ichat providing we have good wifi...what a cutie Paige safe