Sunday, August 7, 2011

Relaxing day…

Today was simply a relaxing day, after the big reunion.  Peter treats everyone to his home made “Peter McMuffins” on the day after, and this day was no exception.  They were good.

Judy and I took a nice walk down the country road the farm is on this morning.  It was hot!

I took pictures today with my smart phone, however I am having problems sending them to myself on the sporadic email here, so no pictures tonight with your coffee!

That is it for tonight…

Till tomorrow…


  1. the 'Peter Mcmuffins' sound interesting!!

  2. Love those Peter McMuffins even though I've never tried one!

    Just a thought, but if your Smartphone connects to your laptop with a USB cable then you can transfer your pics from the phone to the computer using Windows Explorer.

    The smartphone is simply another hard drive as far as Windows is concerned.

    If you plug it in and start Windows Explorer you should see the smartphone device displayed somewhere below Drive C:.... it's a lot faster too!

  3. Peter McMuffins... my honey makes a Ralph McMuffin!!! LOL LOL
    Have fun & Travel safe