Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just another day off…

I have  been feeling very road weary the past while, probably due to extensive road trips we have recently taken, so today was a simple day off!

Spent this morning going over a bunch of blogs that I have neglected for the past few days being away.  Judy spent last night taking care of Gwenny, to give Mom a break.  Nice to have an easy morning.

Next month is my birthday, so everyone should know what that means… you licence stickers are due! Don’t know how other places do this, but in Ontario everything is due on your birthday! This year I have three due, my motorcycle, my Jeep, and the Motorhome!  Also my Driver’s Licence is due… all on my birthday!  It only came to just under $290.00!  Happy Birthday!

After giving the Government all my money, I thought a nice easy walk with Cali over at the dog park would calm my nerves… here is a real blurry picture, as this dog never sits still for any cell phone!  Don’t you just love how dogs love you!  I have neglected Cali for the past month, as we have been away on trips and everything else.  Took her out today, and she was jumping for joy like a little kid going out to play… all was forgiven!


Spent the afternoon chilling out at the RV… with Patra of course… she enjoys her “outside” time as much as anybody, but does not walk good on a leash!  She did not jump around like a little kid, all I got from her was a look of “where have you been…”


Gwenny came out to visit this afternoon.   She was very interested in “eating”, and lots of “sleeping”… and did lots of both!

For anybody into computers, you have to go to Rick’s blog from yesterday…  Rick & Paulette's RV Travels and check out the great book for computer stuff that he is offering free!  Awesome… thanks Rick, I downloaded my copy!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Animals are so wonderful with their unconditional love. Sure do love them back.

  2. nice to see you had a rest day!..it is great to catch up on all the things that are missed when you are busy 'living'!!

  3. I think you just needed a rest day after all the partying you've been doing not the driving!!

    Hey, if I'd known you were giving all that money to the Government, I might have tried to get you to send me some for that book!!

    Thanks for the mention!!

  4. A day of rest is what the doctor orders every now and then to recharge our batteries...Rick's book is great and I also plan to download it...alot of 'should know' in there and being fairly new..it will provide us I'm sure a wealth of knowledge...the great thing about our fur kids is they love us unconditionally...aren't we lucky...
    take care
    Rick tucker and lilly too