Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gardens like the rain…

Starting raining around lunch time today, and is still raining here while I do up this post at 7:00 p.m.  Gardens around here sure needed it!

Went for a nice walk this morning for a couple of kilometers along the country road, air sure smelled fresh as we are no where near any type of pollution from cities or automobiles.

We took Uncle Art, along with my Mom and Cousin Sue into Brockville today to enjoy lunch at Swiss Chalet.  This is by far the Restaurant of choice for both my Uncle and my Mother.  Swiss Chalet for all our American readers, is a great Restaurant that primarily serves up BBQ Chicken… too bad they are not in the States. 

Spent the rest of the afternoon at the local Brockville Mall, and tried to keep the economy going… there were not very many people in the mall at all, we all were kind of surprised at how few people were there… is the recession kicking back in???

If you follow the stock markets at all, or don’t live in a cave, you will know the markets are just like a roller coaster right now.  Down big yesterday, up big today… When the United States gets a cold, we start coughing…  the markets did not react good to the down grading of the U.S. by Standard and Poor.

Never got the camera out today in all the rain.  Tomorrow we plan on driving up for a couple days in the Nation’s Capital, Ottawa.

Till tomorrow…


  1. we have never been to Swiss Chalet?..can you believe that?..we may have to give a chance!!!

  2. From the sounds of the BBQ chicken, I wish they had a restaurant here in the states also. Just trying to hang on to my seat on the roller coaster.

  3. We love Swiss Chalet...sounds like you all had a great day!!!
    travel safe

  4. Swiss Chalet was always my Mom and Dad's favourite restaurant to go to as well.

    As for the Stock Market, I've always rated it just a bit below Casino Slot Machines as far as the average guy goes. It's not about investing any more, from what I can see, it's all about trading and scamming for quick profits.

  5. Swiss Chalet is a favorite of ours as well. Been quite awhile since we've been to one & we are waaaaay overdo. Stock Markets are ancient history for us after losing a bundle in 2008. No more of that nonsense for us guys!!