Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Flat tire anybody????

Started out as a great day, we had our sun back full force today, but it was a bit cool first thing this morning. By 10:00 all was well, and we had a bunch of things to do today.

First we headed up to the local spray car wash, as our bikes were dirty with bugs and dust etc.... after heading out to El Centro. We got them all washed and dried and looking good again.

After that we headed into Yuma to Performance Motorcycles, as a week ago we had ordered a new set of handlebars for Judy's Bergman, as the ones on the bike got bent on the trip down here, as I torqued them too much with the tie down straps.... whooopppsss... anyways, the new bars didn't make it yet, so we headed back out to the foothills and wanted to stop at Wallmart for a few things. Talked to them about our Net 10 phone we bought that we are having a few problems with, and their way to fix it is to give us a new one. Gotta love Wallmart. We headed over to the food section as we needed some things for our New Years Eve with the Morrisons. We bought a bunch of stuff and headed out to the parking lot to load up the bikes. As soon as we got to the bikes in the parking lot, I could tell by the look of my bike that there was a problem. Yes, it appeared that I picked up a nail or something and put it through the back tire. Yes, that would be the new tire I put on a week ago! So we decided to load all the groceries on Judy's bike and I drove while she carried and we made it back to the RV. Once we unloaded and had a quick bite, we headed back to Wallmart which is only 5 minutes away, and I called Linda at CAA up in Toronto. She did a double take when I told her my problem, and responded with "where the heck are you?" After I told her we were at the Wallmart in Yuma, she says "Oh, I was at that very same Wallmart 2 months ago, as we headed home from San Diego, California!" Yep, it is a small world out there.

In an hour, she had a guy there with his truck and trailer, and we loaded up my Shadow and towed to Performance Motorcycles back in Yuma for the needed repairs. The truck drive was a real nice guy, who moved here 12 years ago from Indiana, and not happy with the climate there. He loves it here and AAA keeps him busy. After he unloaded my Shadow, he was off to go rescue another guy and his bike. Hopefully they will have mine ready by tomorrow. They are good there!

This morning we were busy making arrangement for the future. This Saturday night, we will drive up to Phoenix and watch the Coyotes play the Detroit Red Wings at the arena! We have great seats only 10 rows up from the ice. The game will be close to a sellout, as lots of people from Michigan make it here for the winter and Detroit always draws a big crowd anywhere in the States. We also will visit the California University Experimental Farm on Jan. 12/10. That should be a good day, and as John Morrison is a farmer, he will be right into that!

Did not get a chance to take 1 picture today... :-(( Maybe tomorrow!

Morrison's should be here in the afternoon!

Till tomorrow....

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