Sunday, December 13, 2009

A "Good News" type of Day!

Today started of with actually, a bit of rain! Judy and I had decided we would visit the local Lutheran Church out here in the "Foothills" of Yuma. It is a new Church, and has 2 services on Saturday, and 3 on each Sunday! We went for 9:30 and it was full! Nice Church, and Judy and I both agreed, it was extremely close to our "Anglican" background from Ontario.

We decided to take a trip into Yuma this afternoon and check out one of the city parks I had found on the internet. This park is home to the "Ocean to Ocean Bridge" which looks just like this:

Not sure if you can see it on the bridge or not, but there are big letters with the name....

And just a bit of a history lesson for you all today, this is a bit of a famous bridge, and I got some info for you off the good old internet...

The Ocean to Ocean Bridge was a critical link in joining the Atlantic to Pacific Oceans with a highway. The bridge was built across the Colorado River between Yuma, Arizona and Fort Yuma, California in 1914 for $76,000 and dedicated during a citywide celebration May 22-23, 1915. At the time of its opening, the bridge provided the first safe, economical crossing of the river at Yuma and it was the only vehicle bridge across the Colorado River for 1,200 miles.
The 336-foot bridge was closed in 1988 due to structural problems. A renovation begun in 2001 and was completed in reopening in 2002. It received Arizona Preservation award in 2003. The bridge is also sometimes known as Colorado River Bridge; Yuma Bridge; Penitentiary Avenue Bridge.

Here is a couple shots of the park....

The park is on the Colorado River, so as you look at the picture of the bridge, on the left you are looking at the State of California, and on the right, you are looking at Arizona. This duck was right on the State Line!

They offer "Seguay" Tours in the park, and the tour went past us as we were walking through the park.... sorry the picture is so dark, (darn camera...)

We enjoyed our walk in the park today, and headed back to the Resort for a "hot tub". It turned out beautiful this afternoon and the temps must of come near the 20 degree mark.
Now for the Good News Sunday! We received a phone call from John and Pat Morrison from Alliston. They have decided to book a flight and fly down to visit us in Yuma! Can't wait. They are our travelling buddies, and we have made many many trips together, and now it is time for us to do Arizona! They plan to come near the end of Dec. Thanks for calling Pat, we can't wait for you to arrive, and yes, I can guarantee you good weather! Nothing but Sun!
I have a couple pictures left over from the visit to the zoo yesterday, so decided to add them to today's blog.... The first one is simply for one person, our Daughter Kristina! No explanation is necessary...

This picture proves in no uncertain terms, that most flocks to have a "black sheep"... oh, and I don't have a clue why that egret is standing in a herd of sheep????

This is a four horned sheep....goat....?????

Check this little guy out... he welcomed us as we got to the zoo...loved his feet...

After I took the picture of the sheep for Kristina and was walking back to the bike, I couldn't resist taking this picture of Judy with all the different cactus plants.

Well, just another good day in Arizona, till tomorrow!

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