Monday, December 7, 2009

Yikes, it actually rained here today!

People reading this blog might think, "why did they go to Yuma, Arizona, out of all the places possible to go????" Well, here are a few good reasons. One of the main reasons we chose Yuma, was the weather. Hands down, they have some of the best weather in the south west U.S. San Diego, California, also has an excellent climate! For example, Yuma receives sunshine on 350 days of the year! That is a lot of sun. Today though, was not one of those days :-(( It actually rained here today, and I could hear the farmers up the road cheering.... It does not rain here much. Another reason that we chose Yuma, was due to the fact it is real RV friendly. Lots of them here, and good facilities to take care of you once you make it. Today the temperature only got up to around 16 degrees C. The coldest day since we got here. It is supposed to warm up going forward, and I think Judy told me by this weekend coming, it is up to 21 degrees again!
Today was a very quiet day. Made a trip in this morning to the Dr. for another adjustment on my back and hit a few drop of rain as I made it home. Managed 1/2 an hour in the hot tub to ease the pain! We are about 8 miles outside of the actual city of Yuma, in a place they call the "Foothills".
We had made arrangements on Saturday to have a Company come in and clean the rugs in the RV, but just like a lot of Companies in Muskoka.....they failed to show at the appointed time, gggrrrr..... Oh well, there are more of them out there.
We were a little concerned with minutes used on out Bell Cell Phone plan, especially with Christmas and New Years approaching. This afternoon, we decided to pick up a "Net 10" phone at Wallmart. You can buy a cell phone here, for $40.00 and receive 300 minutes of talk time, and you can also text with it. We are going to try it out. One thing that amazed me at Wallmart today, was the fact they actually sell "snow tires" here..... It never snows here! Never!
The rest of the afternoon was spent waiting for the Rug Cleaner that never showed, and of course the build up to tonight's Leaf Game, that the Leafs actually won 5-2!
We never took 1 picture today! That does not happen very often around here. So I have a couple pictures of some mountains we came across on our recent bike trip over the mountains...
I like this pic of "knob" mountain... I don't think
that is what it is called, but "hey" we will go
with it.
It is nice living in the mountains, and I never
get tired of looking at them when we are out
and about everyday...
We received "good news" today, in that our Daughter, Kristina, convinced a "high flying Professor" at York University, to be Her "Supervisor" for the completion of Her Masters! Congratulations Kristina!
Believe it or not, they are supposed to get 2 feet of snow in Flagstaff, Az. tonight, in a major storm in the mid west of the U.S. Nevada is being hit, as well as other States. We plan on stay here in Yuma, where it is nice and warm, and hopefully sunny again soon!
Till tomorrow....

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