Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A trip back in time!

This morning I was up, bright and early, as I had to be at the Chiropractor's Office for 9:00 a.m. That means leaving the RV at 8:30... you think it might be cool out at that time of day on your motorcycle on Dec. 2nd. but not in Yuma, Az. Made it to the Dr. Office, had my treatment, and then made a quick stop at Radio Shack for some high tech stuff, that I did not want to spend money on, well, at least the amount they wanted. After that I had wanted to drive out to Pilot's Knob. What a name. I had learned of the place from a blog that I read. It is a neat spot, and I found a few things there. 1st is a great big Casino... they are abundant around here. I decided to leave my money in my pockets and carried on past the casino. Here is a pic of Pilot's Knob.

It is a very unique mountain, and people boondock all around it. (Boondocking, for the rookies in the crowd, is when you take your RV and just park it in the middle of the desert on a chunk of land with no hookups, water, or anything. You bring everything with you. Many people do it. It does not cost a dime, that is why it is popular among some RVers...)

The water you see above is a man made canal, off of the Colorado River, and feeds a hydro plant nearby.
This picture is a dam they use, also acting as a bridge for the road.

Here are some boondockers, there was a bunch of them.
Another thing, all of this is about 6 miles to the west of Yuma, and is in California! As soon as you enter California, you also go onto Pacific Time, hence another trip back in time for me. They are 3 hours behind you readers in Ontario.

Up the road about a mile from the Casino and dam, is this, the Border Crossing into Mexico, at the Town of "Los Algodones". The people park their vehicles on the American side and walk over the Border. Lots go every day. They buy some cheap stuff and come home. Also, you can obtain real cheap Dental work, and Eye Glasses....why not.

This outlook, was actually attached to a truck and is mobile. The Americans had two of them there to keep an eye on the Border...

I headed for the RV and made it home in time for lunch with Judy and a quick hot tub to rest my weary body.... aughhhh..... feels good!

We decided at 1:00 it was time for some groceries at Wallmart, and a trip to the Tourist Info place in Yuma, and a stop at the Post Office. Can you believe it takes us till 5:00 to do this!!!! What did we do when we had to work?????

The Tourist Info booth is also called the Quarter Master, and is a unique place full of history. Many years ago when the settlers headed west they stopped and passed through Yuma. It acted as a gateway to California. Here are some pics of the museum...

First an old train. Yuma is a central yard for trains, and they all come through here on their way east or west...


This was at the front of the Building, don't know if it is original or not, but it looked like it...

I tried to get Judy to jump up and drive the chuck wagon, but she said no way.....

I thought this looked like Jed Clampitt's truck.... you know, the Beverly Hillbillies....It is still hard to figure out why I can drive 5 minutes over to Wallmart, and they have their shelves stacked with Canadian Rye, Rum, Vodka, etc. at prices you would not believe. Big 1.75 Litre bottles for $11.95.... crazy.

Last night on the way home from the hot tub, I had my camera and took a picture of the moon as it was full, but was too lazy to get my tripod out, so it looks real hazy... it wasn't.

If you want to receive comments on your blog, it is easy, simply post a picture of yourself doing something, wearing a nice pair of white socks and sandals! Annamarie spotted them in last night blog, and brought the fashion statement to my attention. I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE IN THIS PARK WEARING THEM! When in Rome do as the Romans do! (Don't worry, I will lose them...LOL)

All in all, another great day in Arizona :-))

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  1. what happen to you that you need to go and see the chiroprator l thought the GPS fell of the bike not you LOL. Sounds like you are having a GREAT time and seeing lots. I just love the pics.