Sunday, December 6, 2009

Let's take a trip to Mexico...

This morning was just a bit cooler that it has been lately... :-(( It only got up to about 18 degrees today, and not our usual 20 to 25 degrees... oh well, all that I hear and read about the weather up in Muskoka is snow, snow and some more snow...yuck...
In our Resort we are out numbered by Albertans.... there are a lot of them, and they are all snickering with each other, as I guess they got a lot of snow up in Calgary, and the temperature went to -35 degrees C....... yikes, crazy!
Judy and I had a very quiet morning this morning and around 10:00 it had warmed up enough to go outside and sit in the sun for a while and read, it was great!
This afternoon we decided it was time for another mini vacation so we both jumped on Judy's motorcycle, and we rode over to MEXICO! We had to go through California in order to get there, but from our RV Resort, it is only about a 25 minute drive to the Mexican Border. We parked in the big parking lot, and this next part I simply could not believe. We walked to the border crossing booth, ( with my passport in hand!) and when we got there, there was simply no check at all crossing into Mexico. We simply walked across the border and entered Mexico! It just didn't feel right to me....?????......
Well, we carried on, and once across the border you are right in the heart of the Mexican Town of Los Algodones. It is a big town, and the tourist all flock to the downtown core for a number of reasons. The biggest reason is the Dentist Offices. There is a pile of them, and I guess you can get whatever you need done in your mouth very cheap here. Also the Pharmacy. Every 3rd store is a Pharmacy, and they list all the drugs you can buy on their windows! Crazy.
This is a view of the downtown core part
of the Town. On Sunday, all the Dentist
Offices are closed so there was hardly
anybody there. We had the whole place
really to ourselves.
Another view of downtown....
I went in and bought a Jacket from these
dudes... don't pay the asking price, you
have to haggle with everyone over every
price.... I am not real good at that....
Judy bought a nice set of earrings off a nice Mexican lady, who had a couple real young good looking children with her, and all I could do was feel sorry for the kids.... They all look like they have a pretty good standard of living....
Judy stopped and wanted a bottle of Kahlua, which is a nice drink to add to your coffee, and for the large bottle, paid $8.00. In good old Canada, at the LCBO it would probably go for $40.00 plus!
We had no problem getting back in the U.S.A. They simply ran our passports and sent us on our way, not even asking what we bought or had with us. It was a fun afternoon, and we got the opportunity to experience a piece of Mexico!

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  1. john empty your water tanks and fill it with Kalua you would amke a fortune up here