Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Sad Day

This morning we lost our beloved Cleo. She had
been sick a couple weeks ago but had rallied around.
Yesterday, I had to look to find her. She likes to be warm so was often under the blankets on the bed but she definately seemed to enjoy Arizona weather and had been out more lately. Yesterday she was at the head of the bed buried behind the pillows facing towards the wall. Unusual for our sociable cat.
Last night she started to bleed from her butt and
also threw up blood. Not a good sign. By this
morning she was wimpering and obviously in pain.
We took her to the Animal Hospital here and put her out of her misery. We figure she probably had some form of cancer and it just got worse. She was such a good cat and stayed herself almost until the end. Over
10 years old, a cat that loved to eat and drink but only cat food, had no interest in people's food. She was twice the size of her twin sister, Patra. We loved her and will miss her!


  1. Cleo was one of those cats that 'knows' when you are blue. When I was visiting home, she'd always sense if I wasn't feeling well and would lay across my lap making me feel better. I love that kitty so much!

  2. The Hollingers in TennesseeMonday, December 07, 2009

    We are so sorry to hear about Cleo, she was part of the family. Poor Patra is probably missing her best friend but at least Cleo isn't in pain. Good job on the picture tribute on your blog, it is a great way to remember her.

  3. Thanks so much to both of you, Kristina & Jenn (Chris & Shawn, too). Your comments mean a lot. We miss her so much. I strongly believe in heaven, though, and heaven wouldn't be heaven without our beloved pets. I think my Mom & Cleo are up there enjoying each others company right now! Love, Mom

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about Cleo. Poor Patra. She must be lonely without her.


  5. Keith & DarleneWednesday, December 09, 2009

    Really sorry to hear about your pet. They become real members of the family, and we know you must miss her.

  6. Oh, you guys ---- I am feeling real bad about the e-mail I sent you re the cats. Sorry about your Cleo. I know you both love animals, and having had 2 cats myself, I know how you feel.
    I haven't been on your blog for a long time, but am catching up. Yes, we are getting hammered with snow here. It sounds like you are having a great time travelling. Are you there for Christmas? A friend of mine from Red Deer had a condo in Arizona, but a couple of years ago, built a home there, so go back and forth bet. the 2 places.