Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Who ordered "Clouds"??????

Hey! What happened to our sun? It was actually cloudy today in Yuma, which is very unusual. It got up to about 18 degrees only today, and without they sun, well, it was down right cool.... well that is all relative I guess, if you are up in Ontario it would have felt like a great day!
We took life rather easy today. Judy was in the pool at 9 for her exercises, and I was on skype talking to my good friend David up in Bracebridge. We talked for about 1 1/2 hours, so we sure did solve a lot of problems in the world. It is a better place today! Good talking to you David!
Before we left on our epic adventure, I had purchased a new CB Radio for the rig, which is useful when you are travelling with other people in a group. The problem I had was with the antenna. I purchased a magnetic mount antenna, however did not real realize the whole front of our rig is "plastic" and that magnetic mount is only good for holding down paper! There was nowhere to mount it. I decided to wait to get into the States to find another one. I found one this week, and today I finally figured out how to mount it on one of the rig's mirrors. These are the only pics I have for you all today... exciting ehh???
It is very hard to see in this picture, so try the next one...
This is better, I actually had to make a mounting bracket that you see at the bottom of the picture. The mirror of course is all plastic, however the big arm at the bottom of the mirror is aluminum, so I was able to secure a bracket to it.

My friend David is a life long trucker, so he helped me balance the radio and antenna. Thanks David!
Today we made some future plans for our time in Arizona. We have decided that on January 29th we will be moving from Yuma and will go back to Tucson for about 1 month. During that month Judy will fly out of Tucson to Johnson City Tennessee, to visit Shawn, Jenn, and Emmie for a week. Patra and I will struggle to hold things together at the RV.
After we finish our time in Tucson, we will head up to Sedona, to meet Debbie and Gerard who will fly in for a 1 week stay, after the Olympics are all finished. Gerard was accepted as an "Olympic Volunteer" for the Games, plus the Para-Olympics that follow. We reserved a site up in Sedona, which is north of Phoenix in Arizona. We look forward to the week with the Kraemers!
Today we decided also on a little treat for ourselves. We booked a bus trip. On January 28, we will be picked up by Bus, and we will head to Phoenix to visit the "Jobing.com Arena", which some of you may also know as the home of the Phoenix Coyotes. That evening they will play against the "Calgary Flames". Of course our Son Shawn, is the greatest Flames Fan on this earth....now sure why though, I have tried to teach him the value in watching the Toronto Maple Leafs, but he doesn't always listen to his Dad... oh well...one day maybe. They give you a lower bowl seat at the game, and well, that is not hard to do, as the Coyotes only fill half the arena for their home games... even though they have a good team this year! Too bad Toronto does not make it to play here this year based on the NHL Schedule, so Calgary will have to do!
That was about all the excitement I could handle today... till tomorrow!

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