Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We had a "Blizzard" today....

This morning was beautiful, lots of sun and warm, however they forecast told us different...they were calling for some wind. Right around noon, the wind started to blow... it blew pretty hard. I looked out and saw some weird clouds coming, and turns out it was a dust cloud. It was big, and came right over the Resort.
We ended up watching some PVR'd shows we had, as the big wind altered the angle on the good old Star Choice Dish, so no live TV for a while...thank goodness someone took the time in their life to invent a PVR.
This morning before the big blow started I worked on some maintenance on Judy's bike in my garage. Had my camera ready in case the Marines were out flying, as I wanted to get some pictures of them, they have really been doing a lot of flying lately... Got these two shots of them while they ripped by...

You have to be real quick on the trigger finger with the camera as these guy move. They are also real loud.

Did find time to go down to the hot tub after 3 this afternoon, it was still windy but we endured. I was going to ride into Yuma on the bike this afternoon, but simply too windy, will go back tomorrow.

The weather is supposed to be better tomorrow! Gotta say hi to my cousin Fred and his wife Lydia, living down in Mexico... received an email from them today! Ya, the blog reaches all the way down to Mexico!

Till tomorrow...

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