Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We survived the "Big One"

Well, we survived the big blow last night. In yesterday's blog I described how it was windy and day and playing havock with things like satellite dishes, etc. Well, we retired about 10:30 and I guess overnight it got real windy, however we kind of slept through it all! This morning there was damage in the park from a bunch of trees that snapped and branches falling off, and a few satellite dishes that fell over.... Judy had a nice motorcycle windmill and the wheels were gone this morning... we recovered one of them, so now it is a uni-cycle....
All the vehicles were covered in mud today, our included.... this picture is not as good as I would have liked it, but I think you can sort of see the mud on the motorhome....
I had to actually rake up some leaves that had landed on our site, borrowed a rake from a neighbour..... here is my pile....
Sorry the picture is a little dark, but that is what you get... Judy and I both did exercises this morning with our Wii so we are both now in great shape.
I spent the majority of the day, cleaning the exterior of the motor home... what a job... finished though, and even carried on and cleaned the motorcycle trailer, and then cleaned the windows on the motor home as well, so all is clean again.
We never did hear back from our rug cleaning guy, so we are on the next one now, and we will see if he shows up Thursday or not.
Today the sun came out and it was a bit cool in the morning, but turned a lot better this afternoon. So good, that we decided to go to happy hour with our neighbours. It was nice for sitting out this afternoon.
Judy and I are the only ones in this group from Ontario....
There was 2 people from B.C. and 2 ladies were the only Americans here, and all the rest of the people are from Alberta! They are taking over... they were after me to take the Ontario plate off the front of our motor home!
That was about it for today.... could not go to the pool or hot tub as they were being cleaned after the big storm.... lots of sand in them I guess.... hopefully they reopen tomorrow....
Had a nice video conference this afternoon with Emmie and Shawn, she is sure getting big, and she showed us her "big girl room" on the video.... sure was nice to see her!
Well, tomorrow is another day, they have convinced me I should go and play "Texas Hold'em Poker" tomorrow at the Club House, so I have to go online now and try to figure out how to play this game.... I should be asking David Reid how to play this one I think.....
In response to Jenn J's question on last night's blog, Judy and I live up in Gravenhurst over the summer, at the KOA. This is our first year being south for 6 months in Arizona and other places. I noted on your blog Jenn, that you know Dale Durnan in Gravenhurst, I worked with Dale at the good ole RBC before I retired.... Hello to everyone at RBC!
Till tomorrow....


  1. I don't have a clue John about Texas Hold'em Poker - my guess is you have to Hold'em as Kenny Rogers says :-) Caribean Stud Poker I understand. Love the blog - keep on writing!

  2. For a second there I thought you meant Mom's motorcycle lost a wheel (because it became a windmill)! I thought you were taking it pretty calmly. I'm thinking what kind of crazy storm is this!

    You'll be happy you missed the first snow storm to hit Ontario this winter. Toronto got 5 cm of snowy-slush and you'd think aliens had landed the panic index was so high on the radio stations. It took me 4 hours to drive from Woodstock to the Eglington exit on the 401 (normally takes 1 hour). Lost count of how many cars/tractor trailers were in the ditch. I had 3 meetings scheduled today and I ended up canceling them all, had lunch with Grandma Broad and turned around to come home. Oh winter weather!

    Enjoy the sunshine! Hope they get the pool cleaned soon you lucky ducks!