Monday, October 11, 2010

Another step closer to take-off!

Chris and Kristina stayed overnight in the RV with us along with Cali of course!  Another nice fall day today, as we enjoyed coffee and breakfast and stretched the whole thing out till about 11:30!  Got out for a nice walk around the park as well…

Lots of leaves are already down, soon will be the last chance to see the fall colours up in Muskoka!


Judy took a pic of the kids on the walk…


I was busy walking Cali… she is well trained and not a bad walker!



Paul, the owner of our KOA, tells me he has never seen the water level of the Park’s pond this high – ever!  He has owned it quite a while… He keeps it stocked with trout!


This afternoon, I spent working on our motorcycle trailer.  On Saturday afternoon I prepared my 750 Honda to be stored away for the 6 months we will be gone.  It is now loaded in the trailer, along with our friend Angela’s Suzuki Burgman.  Together they will be put into storage at the Bracebridge fairgrounds.  This is about the last step we had left, we are now clear for departure this coming Thursday!  Time to hit the road!

Till tomorrow…


  1. You must certainly be getting excited !! More beautiful pics of the fall colors. :)

  2. Can't wait to follow up your next south-USA trip ! I feel just very sad for not being able to see you 2 when I come to Canada in two months... Love you lots ! Mel.