Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ohhh…. my aching back!

We decided this morning to simply, “take today off”… why not.

My back has been causing me some grief, so this morning we went for a nice slow walk about 2 Klicks up the road and back.  Not too bad a morning.  We took a quick trip into Staples to return a finance program we bought yesterday that would not load properly.  Judy worked on it this afternoon, while I simply relaxed and watched a movie on TV.  My back is better for it!

We bought a new program called Budget Expre$$.  It is fairly easy to use, and should give us the reporting that we need monthly on our finances.  Judy will now take over the job of watching all our $$$’s as they leave our wallets.  We had been using the finance program on RVer's Notebook, but I have never been happy with the monthly reporting features of this program.  We will see how the new one makes out! Will blog more on this later…

This farmer was taking off corn while we were out walking up the Concession road just north of our park…


After the corn is taken off, they roll up the stalks…


Then there was the case of this little guy trying to cross the road…


So just taking life easy watching the Leaf’s play New York tonight on CBC.  So far, not so good…

Till tomorrow…


  1. Sometimes just taking it easy is a good thing! I hope your back is better soon.

  2. take care of your only have one!!!..did the caterpillar make it to the other side???

  3. Hope you back gets better soon. I'll be anxious to hear about your new software for tracking expenses. I use a simple spreadsheet in Excel, but would prefer something else. Hey, that gives me an idea for a future post.