Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blue Ox to the rescue…

Back a couple of months ago, after we came back into Canada from the south west, we made a decision to trade our Grand Am in and purchase a Jeep so that we could do some off road touring this coming winter.  We decided at the time, to purchase a Blue Ox Tow Package in order to hook the Jeep up behind the Motorhome.  At the time, we bought a bike rack to carry our bicycles behind the Jeep so we could also bicycle.  Once we decided to purchase the Moto Tote which allows us to carry Judy’s Suzuki Burgman behind the Jeep, our bicycles were out in the cold… nowhere to be carried.   Problem solved!  Blue Ox comes through again!


Blue Ox sells a nice bike rack that attaches onto our Blue Ox Tow Bar.  It mounts the bicycles real high so they are above the front hood of the Jeep.  They actually will be a couple feet in front of the Jeep, which is just perfect.


So we will be able to bring all the toys with us this winter down to California!  (that grey thing on the ground beneath the bikes is the motto tote that goes on the back of the Jeep to hold the motorcycle.)


Last night I was in at Jim Crooks place for a poker game.  We had six of us all trying to take the other guy’s money!   I did come out ahead a bit… but more than that I had a great time!  Jim even put on a late night pizza dinner for us!  Thanks Jim! 

Till tomorrow…


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