Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Service day for the RV…

We were up early today to meet a 9:00 a.m. appointment at Forest City RV.   We had planned this service for over a couple of weeks now and we made it in time for them to get going. 

All was going well with the servicing, which included oil and filter change, and new fuel filter for the Duramax Diesel, oil and filter for our Diesel Onan Generator, and a required repair to the running lights that were not working through to the Jeep. 

All of a sudden we had a problem.  When the technician changed out the fuel filter on our main engine, he needed to prime the fuel system.  It would not prime properly.  Apparently our primer pump, which is manually activated, was not working properly… grrrrrr…   It took about an hour and a half for them to figure out how to prime the engine, after making numerous phone calls and google searches.  Our primer pump will have to be replaced at some point in time… always something!

In the end, they got us out of there around 1:30 or so, and all is running good.  My policy is to have the oil changed every 6 months on the Motorhome, regardless of the mileage. 

While we were putting in the morning, Judy happened to notice a nice new Itasca sitting over in the corner of the show room, so she had to take a peek…

It is a 40 foot plus Diesel Pusher, and is very nice!


It had a great leather couch, with that end piece that actually folds up into the main couch when you travel!


With a total of 4 slide outs, there is lots of room in this beauty!  Check out the nice TV, and just below it is a fireplace…(electric)


This TV is only in case you want to watch the Leaf Game while in bed!


A nice little kitchen in case of hunger!


This machine has it all…


And for a mere $274,000.00 you too can drive away in this baby…


You sometimes wonder about all the features, and gadgets they put on motorhomes, and if you need them all or not.  It is certainly a personal choice when it comes to options.  Al from www.thebayfieldbunch.com  is upset about his power jacks and levellers not working properly on his motorhome, and says he would simply not bother with them.  He has had a bad experience with them, whereas, this is one of the best features I like on our motorhome.  I am able to level our motorhome in minutes, right from the drivers seat!  Of course I say this as we have never had any problems with our system. 

Anyways, Judy has something to dream about for the next while.  This was a beautiful motorhome, and life would be great in one of these… however we will plug away in ours for the time being, until the 649 comes in!

Had some real wild weather here in Woodstock area this afternoon, with big winds and lots of rain.  In talking with Shawn down in Tennessee this evening, they were having the same type of problems with their weather. 

Till tomorrow…


  1. that is mighty fine bus!..we are also waiting for the lotto 649 too!!..keep dreaming and so will we!!

  2. We too are waiting for the 649...we are pretty happy with our Newmar DP but sure would like that couch and a fireplace.

  3. Those big fancy rigs look good...but breakdowns can be a real heartache. Trust me...as we hang out in a motel awaiting the BIG BILL.

  4. SORRY TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR DELAY.........I will be heading for Apache Junction in the am.....via Sarnia...Michigan allows triple towing.
    1403 West Broadway

    Hope to see you in Arizona

    All the Best with your set back

    Bob H