Saturday, October 16, 2010

Travel Day!

This morning we woke up at the Morrison Farm and enjoyed time in the hot tub with our coffee!  Judy tried taking pictures but her little camera was out of batteries…  I had to do a complete hook up of all our stuff… eg. jeep, burgman etc. and Pat and John wanted to watch us get set to go.  Their son Dave and his Wife Dana drove up and watched as well… no pressure here… right!  Anyways, all went well and we headed off towards Toronto, to meet up with Andrea Cullen and pick up a bunch of cloths and toys for delivery to Shawn and Jenn in Tennessee.  

We made it down to Woodstock early this afternoon, started working on getting set up.  Kristina came out with Cali to visit.  Her Husband Chris is visiting friends in London overnight, so we have overnight company ourselves! 

Had problems getting online tonight.  Seems the Hughes net system did not take well to being moved after being in Gravenhurst for 6 months!  However, all the bugs were ironed out and we are back online!  

On a very sad note today, I noted on the blog site of Bruce and Margie, who are in Pismo Beach, California, that they were out for a regular walk and were struck by an automobile.  Unfortunately both of them did not survive the accident.   Margie had just recently started following our blog and we theirs.  Our condolences go to their Families. 

Till tomorrow…

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