Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It’s tuff being a Farmer…

On Monday we were up early and headed to Orillia to pick up my Mother… our mission for the day, head down to the Morrison Farm in Alliston and meet up with Shawn and Jenn and the two girls!  We all made it to the farm by about 10:30 in the morning, and it was a nice day with lots of sun!

There is a welcoming committee at the farm, 4 cats!  Most people have dogs, but not the Morrison’s!  There are 4 kittens, (one is missing…) and all are friendly.  Pat actually had to raise them herself, as the mother left shorty after birth.  It is kind of funny, as Pat is allergic to cats!


Judy took this picture of me (Pop Pop) and Paige, she had a good day!


Pat and John have a mess of Gran Kids themselves, so are well equipped with lots of toys…


Gamma Hollinger was having a ball with Paige…


Meanwhile, the Dr. was outside trying to herd cats!


There is a trick to herding cats… have one small kid with you, as the cats just follow Emmie wherever she goes!


Back quite a few years ago, Shawn spent a summer working on the Morrison Farm.  In the winter these pens are full of cattle.  We wanted to show Emmie the straw upstairs…


It gets dark inside the barn… lots of climbing…


The kitties followed Emmie right to the top of the barn…


Here is some De Ja Vieu for you… when Shawn was working on the farm, he was driving a tractor with a hay wagon, and he took the corner a little tight, and wiped out someone’s mailbox!  He has never lived this down…  now when he visits the farm they tell him he could not cut it as a farmer, so he had to become a Dr.


It is hard to get everyone to smile at the same time!


We have to thank Pat and John for hosting the Hollinger clan on Monday… it was appreciated.  Pat had a great lunch prepared for us all, and Farmer John took time out of his day to join us.  Their Daughter Emily finished teaching for the day, and dropped by for a visit also.  Pat and John are going to fly into Los Angeles this winter, and spend a couple weeks with us at Desert Hot Springs!  Can’t wait!

Today was another get ready to go day.  I had my first visit with Dr. Williams, who is a cardiologist in Bracebridge.  This is for follow up purposes. 

This post is real early today, as this evening I am on my way out to “poker night” at Jim’s place.  Can’t wait! 

Till tomorrow…

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  1. looks like shawn is taking that corner too tight as well. they might have to keep the keys away from him :)