Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fancy licence plates…

Today Judy and I drove up to visit our good friends, Debbie and Gerard up in Waterloo.  Had a great visit and enjoyed some burgers over lunch.  They just returned from a visit to Greece and Turkey and we enjoyed their pictures on the big TV. 

As we were driving home, Judy (AKA “Eagle”) had her eagle eye out  for vanity plates and came across this one…   H20LUU

And the answer is Waterloo of course!

Judy called Kristina early this morning, and instead of sleeping in, Kristina and Stephanie were out on a run!  Guess Stephanie has to stay in shape, she is running the Niagara Falls Marathon this weekend… well, half of it anyways!

Here is a couple pictures of Kristina and Stephanie meeting for the first time at Pearson Airport last night… Kristina is in the white sweater. 

Poor Stephanie had travelled for 30 hours from Australia!   30 Hours!



They had a nice day in Woodstock today, doing a bit of running around, and getting Stephanie registered for the Marathon.

Till tomorrow…

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