Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Retirement at LAST!

Today was a big day for Judy as she finished up at Corrections Canada!

Good thing we had one of these:

water can

You need a good financial plan and a money tree helps too!   If you have a good plan you get to do this:


Now the fun begins!  Last winter was just the practice session.  This winter is for real!

Tonight is our last night here in Gravenhurst at the KOA, as in the morning we will head south to the Town of Alliston and visit the Morrison’s on the Farm.  We will stay a couple nights.  Tomorrow afternoon we will attend our Daughter Kristina’s graduation from York University with a Master in Linguistics!  Congratulations Kristina!  We are very proud of your accomplishments!   Pictures of the Graduation will hit the blog hopefully tomorrow night, depending on internet access.

Till tomorrow…


  1. Congratulations Judy! You finally made it. Better pack that money tree with you when you head out on your retirement journey.

  2. WooHoo!!! Congratulations Judy. Let the adventure really begin. Have fun, travel safe and enjoy the view.

  3. Pretty darn nice feeling eh:)) And, no waiting around. From one era right into another era in a matter of hours & days. The only way to do it for sure..........:))

  4. Thanks for all your kind wishes! Woo-hoo is right. Let the journey begin!
    Judy from RVlifeonwheels.

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