Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How long does it take to get ready to go???

How come it seems to take a week to get ready to start travelling, when we already live in the RV???

I had a list of stuff to do today to get ready, and still have more to do!  One big job today was to fix the trailer lights on my friend David’s truck, to enable him to pull the motorcycle trailer.   I broke the plug that was on it as it had corroded… now it is new!

Judy put in a full day at the office today, and is now down to 1 DAY LEFT OF WORK!  She retires tomorrow, and then we hit the road! 

Al from the Bayfield Bunch ran into problems today of missing a Dr. appointment as he mixed up the time!  Tomorrow I have two appointments, and if I didn’t have them written down, I would probably be in the same position.  The Hospital called today to confirm my afternoon bone density test at 2:00.  I said “no problem” I will be there!  I had it at 2:30!!!!  

Judy and I went down to Orillia this evening and had a nice dinner with Mom.  It was our good bye dinner for this winter!  See you in 6 months Mom!

No pictures today, too busy!

Had a nice comment on last nights blog from Melanie in France!  She stayed with us for 3 months on a Rotary Club Student Exchange a number of years ago.  Go figure that she is coming to visit Canada again this winter, while we are down in California!  Sorry to miss you Melanie!  It is nice to know my blog is being read 1/2 way around the world!

Happy Retirement Judy!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Happy Retirement indeed!!!

    Let the fun begin!

    Congratulations on your new lifestyle. Enjoy!


  2. Final day of work! Yahoo! Let the adventures begin!