Friday, October 15, 2010

A day to remember…

Never got a chance to post the blog last night… sorry to all of the thousand’s of my loyal readers…

We got packed up on Friday morning at the KOA and headed to Alliston.  The trip was not without problems, as I had an issue with riding lights not coming on the Jeep after it was hooked up to the RV.  Worked fine all summer and then when you really want them… GRRRR…  We decided it was OK to run to Alliston without them, even though it was raining quit a bit, visibility was good.  Got to the Farm in time to enjoy a nice lunch compliments of John and Pat!  Thanks!

Next was to head to YORK UNIVERSITY, for the main event of the day!  Kristina’s Graduation!  What a day!  Certainly ranks up there as those days in your life that are considered “Life Events!”

Here  comes the happy Grad now.  The Convocation was held at the Rexall Centre, located on the grounds of York University.


I had to put my mega lens on, with no flash, so if anybody moves, you get the blurrrrr… sorry, but here she has made it to her seat.


Don’t ask me how many Grads there were, but there were this many!  Kristina was way over on the right near the front.


Now our good friend Gerard Kraemer in Waterloo would be able to translate the York Motto for us…


The Chancellor of York University is The Honourable R. Roy McMurtry, Q.C. 


Mr. McMurtry has had simply an incredible career.  He is the founder and President of Osgoode Society.  This society has published over 70 books! He was a career Lawyer who was elected to the Ontario Legislature in 1975 and was immediately appointed Attorney General by Premier William Davis.  He delivered an excellent address to the Convocation.


Kristina is in line…


The Orator, Ignat Kaneff(in red robes) presented the candidates to the Chancellor for their degrees…


Kristina has her moment with Mr. McMurtry…


Our Grad is greeted by her Husband Chris…


You can see her Batwings here, apparently if you receive a “Masters” you get wings on your gown, along with the fancy Red Tassel on your cap. Kristina had the complete 100% support of her hubby in completing her Masters… this is a joint celebration!


Here are two “very proud” parents with their Daughter! 


On the way out we found this Kristina type wall…


Of course we went to Kristina’s  favourite restaurant for Dinner… East Side Mario's…  they made a special announcement to the whole restaurant about her accomplishment while she stood on the chair.


Come on, it is East Side Mario's… of course the statue is there!



Two very smart Women that I know!


They had a banner against a fence for some photo opps…


It was a terrific day…

CONGRATULATIONS KRISTINA!  We are all very proud of you! 

Till tomorrow…

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