Wednesday, October 20, 2010

She comes from “a land down under…”

Many years ago when we were living up in Sudbury, our Daughter who was only about 10 years old at the time, somehow hooked up with a young Stephanie, who is the same age, and lives in the land down under… Australia!  They became pen pals and wrote each other letters… which of course ended up being good old emails…

Stephanie is flying into Canada (about 20 hours in the plane) tonight and is landing at Pearson Airport, (Toronto) as I sit and hack out this post.  She is coming for about a 2 week visit and will be staying at our Daughters house in Woodstock.  One of the big draws for her to come, is the fact she is going to run the Niagara Falls Marathon this coming weekend!   I think it is kind of cool, that the two of them have never met before, and now will get a chance.  You have to wonder how that feels!  

They have shared their lives over the past number of years, the ups and the downs… and now it is only fitting they get to meet!  

She will get to see and do a lot while she is here, Her first visit to Canada.  I will get to spend a bit of time with Her on Friday night, as we will all be going to the London Knights Hockey game.  Chris’ Father provided some Corporate seats in a luxury box for the game!  Should be fun. 

Hope you enjoy your stay and Canada Stephanie!

Till tomorrow…

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  1. That sounds really fun! Hope you all have a good time. I wonder if young kids have pen pals these days - oh, I guess they probably do thru email and Facebook.